Perfect Pairs Blackjack Strategy

In this article we are going to present a short overview of Perfect Pairs Blackjack online by Playtech - software provider that does really suceeds in developing different Blackjack variantios like Blackjack Switch and many others.

Fairly good odds and a very engaging game course is what makes Blackjack one the most popular choices at casino tables. It doesn’t need perfection since it has been one of the world’s best casino classics for over a century. But still, online games developers try to lend some color to its gameplay by adding some little twists and innovations.

Since a classic Blackjack gameplay doesn’t offer any opportunity to suddenly win a jackpot due to some fortuitous combination of circumstances (other than getting a fair payout at 3-2 odds for a blackjack or at even odds for a better cards combination in your hand), Playtech developers decided to make players feel a little better about that fact. This intention has given birth to Perfect Pairs Blackjack game.

The opportunity to earn more is brought to the game along with adding side bets.

What Is Multi-Hand Betting

The game we are talking about is a “multihand” version of Blackjack. The rules of this interpretation are not different from the classic version. Therefore, we see no need to once again describe the entire gameplay, which can be found in the information section. Instead, we would like to draw your attention to the innovation associated with the possibility to place additional bets apart from those placed on hands.

So, Perfect Pairs Blackjack rules imply tigh operation with side bets that are in no way associated with regular bets and they are placed independently and can differ from the bets placed on hand positions by size. There are separate spots for such bets next to every player’s hand position and one next to the dealer’s hand spot. These bets are optional and the player may choose not to place them at all.

How Side Bets Are Played

While classical 21 games bets win or lose depending on how the associated hands are scored according to the nominal value of all the cards they consist of, side bets have nothing to do with scoring. The only thing that is to be considered is presence or absence of pairs in initially dealt hands. That is, if any of the hands, associated with side bets placed by the player, forms a pair (two cards with the same rate), this bet pays out in accordance with the pay table.

Betting limits for side bets depend on their position. This particular version allows the following limits:

  • Dealer’s pair position: min €0.01and max €20
  • Player’s pair position: min €0.01and max €10

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Final Payouts

There are three types of pairs that can be formed. The Perfect Pair is a combination of two cards featuring the same printed value and the same suit. The Colored Pair comprises two cards with the same printed value that have the same color while suits are different. And, finally, the Black/Red Pair is formed by two cards that feature only the same printed value, but they have different suits and different color.

This particular version of Perfect Pairs Blackjack provides the following payouts:

  • Perfect Pair pays out at 25 to 1
  • Colored Pair pays out at 12 to 1
  • Black/Red Pair pays out at 6 to 1