European roulette - test the demo and gamble for money

In gambling environment online European roulette is also known as "one zero" type. European roulette wheel has the only one zero sector and is divided into 37 numbers placed in haphazard manner. Eighteen numbers are red, another eighteen are black while 0 is painted in green. It`s generally accepted that this game`s variation has the highest winning probability.

If you don`t know how to play but have strong desire in mastering this art on our website it`s possible to find all necessary information concerning playing instructions and casino selection.

European roulette for money - play instructions

Aim of European roulette doesn`t differ from American or French type – player is to predict on what of 37 cells the ball will land.

It`s possible to make bets on

  • certain number
  • number combinations
  • black/ red, even/odd/, large/small
Play European Roulette online at QuasarGaming

Bet ways of Roulette European for real money type are divided into inside and outside ones. Each of them includes definite combination of numbers, has the title and unique payout.

En Prison rule is important in game play that is why player should get acquainted with its essence. When you make bet on even chances and get zero on the wheel the stake size is not lost and remains in game until the next course.

La Portage rule is similar to American. Due to it half of wager amount is lost when zero is appeared.

Play with comfort and delight

On Internet space there are lots of gambling establishments offering range of European roulette online subspecies such as Royal Crown, Globe and others. At StarGames, Quasar, resources you are able to enjoy atmosphere of land-based casinos without leaving home. Such realistic effect is achieved by high - quality graphics powered by leading gaming software suppliers. All details look very natural beginning from wheels and table`s elements finishing with pleasant melody at the background.

In European Roulette casino online you have playing table with all required layout, chips with 0,5 – 500 denomination ( as usual) and all data including history, credit, bet, last win amount displayed on the screen.

Quasar Gaming offers to try 1 minute free version without registration and download, however, StarGames, for example, demands account submission.

Three above mentioned gambling clubs provide range of bonuses for new and permanent members that brings additional benefits:

  • about € 200 first deposit bonus
  • up to € 300 for second deposit
  • various promotional programs for new members attraction
  • points of loyalty gaining throughout all gaming history