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Evidently, that gambling fans are familiar with “Twenty one” or “Point” terms because they are widely used as second names for Blackjack – popular game that matches the goal of getting 21 or about 21 points. If player earns more – he loses, in other cases value of his cards is compared to dealers ones in order to determine the winner.

Real money blackjack games are played due to its regular rules. Ten point card and Ace received from dealing are called Blackjack, it is the only combination that has a title and it is superior to denomination of entire deck.

Blackjack real money online – card value, bets

Speaking about cards value, it`s important to remember 3 following statements:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 attain number of points equal to their denomination.
  • Jack, Queen and King give 10 points.
  • Ace accepts either 1 or 11 – the choice is always made in players favor.

Players number is limited to quantity of table boxes ( places for making bets) – traditionally there are 7 ones. However, it doesnt mean that players are able to set join stakes at the same box, the first rule is to control total stakes sum – it can`t exceed table limits.

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How to play blackjack online for real money

It all starts when Dealer mixes the decks, separates part of cards ( from fifth to the third) with special plastic one and puts them all in a “shoe”. During the game, he pulls them out one by one and gives to players and himself. Ones that left out of the game are placed in chipper and remain there until plastic card comes out of “shoe”. When it happens current dealing is declared to be final and all cards are mixed again.

When the deck is prepared, players are offered to make their bets and the dealing is started. Basically, at online casinos blackjack real money round implies receiving of 2 cards for both Dealer and player when dealer opens one of his cards. If blackjack combination is gained at any box and revealed dealers hand excludes its presence – blackjack is paid and cards are taken to the chipper.

Evaluating strength of their cards and taking into account the dignity of opened dealers card decide whether to take another another or to stop on the amount of points which are already on the box. Number of cards is not limited if their points dont exceed 21.

Thus, on presented page we tried to provide detailed and presice explanations about how to win real money at blackjack. To to apply knowledge in practice we also suggest to play free demo version or visit well – recommended online casino such as Quasar Gaming to play for cash.