About slot cheats

How to cheat at slots? In this article, it will be told about the different methods of fraud in the slot machine industry. But there are things that are better not even try to do, otherwise you go for a serious risk of being caught by law enforcement officers and end up in prison or correctional institution.

How to cheat slot machines

There are two main types of cheats in gambling industry: mechanical swindle and programming cheats. Let`s start from mechanical swindle. At the very beginning when the slot machines only appeared they did not have special protection against mechanical scams. People cheated as they could: they were throwing fake coins, hitched a coin on a string and used it countless times, they were hacking devices purse and getting all the cash out. However, mechanical cheats almost ceased to be used, due to new more advanced types of protection. Special lasers now measure the exact shape and weight of the coin, protectors do not give a chance to get the coin out of the slot, machines wallet turned into a safe with optical sensors. All these keeps scams one step behind from slot machine. As you can see, mechanical swindle will not work nowadays.

Speaking about programming cheats. Do you remember times when you discover existence of game cheat on computer? Really cool feeling when you can skip one or even more levels using a program cheat. The same thing happened to the gambling industry. Dishonest programmers, who were developing software for slot machines started to implement cheats to get more money after the slot will enter market. Anyway, casino spends a lot of time testing slot. Hundreds of different test types expose slot machine. These test looks for any gaps in software. Moreover, casinos are using hidden cameras to detect fraudsters.

Is it possible to cheat online slots?

Benefits of online slot machines is that they do not have a physical body and moving parts. So they don`t have any chances do be mechanically swindled. Besides operating cost for virtual slots are much lower than the cost of the classic mechanical slots, which greatly increases the amount of payments! Great thing that you can fully enjoy the online slots and feel yourself safe because there are no ways to cheat online slots! Moreover, slot games can be played for free in internet, thus players may test each slot before playing for real money.

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