Real money baccarat

Many gamblers and historians believe that baccarat game is originated from France although this fact is not proved. It is played on a table with special marking with two 52 card decks. In American variant up to 14 players can take part at the round and particularly this version is considered to be the most popular.

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Baccarat rules — cards value and bets

Baccarat bets are divided into 3 types and each of them occupies special place on the table:

  1. On the player “Punto” - when you suggest that the player will win – paid 1:1.
  2. On the Dealer “Bank” - when you suppose the Dealer`s win – paid ratio 1: 1 retention of the commission to 5%.
  3. Draw – player and Dealer have the same number of points on the hands - payments are maid in 8:1 ratio. However, in some online casino live baccarat real money rounds played at this kind of bet are paid 9:1.

Speaking about Baccarat card value, «Natural» is the most highly paid combination and includes the face consisted of two cards that in sum give 8 or 9 points. The cards from two to nine equal to their face value, an ace gives one point while the other cards havent got any value.

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If player has on a hand more that 9 ten is diminished from them, by any words points sum has to be equal 0 – 9 and excess is excluded.

Baccarat for real money - games types

Rules mentioned above are applied to American games variation, however there are also several another types. They are all united by the games goal – to get 9 or around the 9 points.

Otherwise, the differences in rules may relate to variety of items such as:

  1. number of decks ( from 1 to 8)
  2. number of simultaneously playing members
  3. card dealing rules
  4. card widow conditions ( dealer can buy a third card in different ways depending on the type)
  5. payment order and size
  6. Dealers role – it can be permanent as at real money online Baccarat casinos or in some cases his duties are performed by players alternately.
  7. Bank and stakes (Casino provides a range of bets, which are paid by the gambling institution, if the game is conducted directly between the participants, the bank is formed with their wagers and is taken by the winner).
  8. Equipment – playing tables marking differs due to the games sort.

So, you can play Baccarat online to win real money and we do our best to help you in completing this aim. After studying games rules and playing rules you gain much information to try our free demo version and then to test your luck at gambling for cash.