How to play slots machines

To understand the mechanism of slot machines players should be familiar with all options, features and buttons. If you decide to play in an online casino but you are not sure about your knowledge, then you need to practice using demo versions of slots. Let`s discuss all needful moments for gambling slots.

Before you start to play, you should understand how it works. This is very important if you do not want to spend instantly all your money and want to «stretch» your stake. Today, online casinos offer many themed slots among which you can choose the game which you will be really interested to play (for example, a gaminator). You may select a game to your liking with bright pictures and great sound effects. When you have decided about your slot, it is time to start. However, discover your slot before a real cash mode. Here are basic rules:

  • Download necessary and absolutely free software offered by a casino or choose no download software launching direct from your browser.

  • Create an account at a casino by entering asked details.

  • Visit a casino Cashier page to deposit real money. By the way, lots of casinos offer different bonuses such as sign up Bonus. Don`t lose it.

  • Select an online game that you want to play.

  • Decide about your bet pressing a special button.

  • Choose the number of activated paylines.

  • And to start, press Spin button.

  • From time to time go to paytable to check value of different winning combinations.

  • Winning is automatically added to your cash balance.

All types and features of slots

The main feature distinguishing slots from other casino games is, of course, presence of spinning reels. The goal of each player is to trigger reels and win as many winning combinations as possible. However, there are different types and features of slots. Nowadays, classical slots, fruit machines, video slots and 3D slots are played most of all. Surely, each of them has features and bonuses. And speaking about famous providers, a modern slot has symbols (wild, scattered and simple symbols), some bonuses like free spins, multipliers and so on. Let`s see these types and features on the image.

How to choose a trusted provider?

It is not easy to find a really qualitative platform if you choose slots. Many companies try to create software for online and only some of them manage to create high-quality products. Players should choose software according their location. For example, US players players can`t play Novomatic software and that is why they have to use other platforms such as RTG or Rival. However, all free slot machines of diffrent companies are available for fun at the site. So, US and other players may try them. Now you know how to play slot machines. Anyway, check out the list of the most popular platforms: