Casino deposit guide

So, when you’ve already defined for yourself about online gambling, it is high time to choose a payment method. To start with, it should be pointed  that a casino`s banking page should be checked before registration (this way players may find a suitable payment system). Because each online casino club has his own list of available deposit methods. After checking this info you may fill in your registration form, just click on "Open Account" button. It will take several minutes.

Ok, you have become a customer of an online casino, have made the first deposit. Moreover, you managed to win and you are going to withdraw your winnings. A casino will check your security details to make sure that everything is alright. Actually this procedure was created only for first time players only. There is no need to do it each time you want to withdraw money.

However, when a casino allows players to withdraw funds immediately, it can still take a number of days depending on the selected withdraw method. Below you’ll find detailed information of different and more convenient Deposit/Withdraw methods. All of them are trusted and safe. If you are not ready for this, you always can play free slots for fun.

Visa Card

Visa is a global biggest supplier of credit cards. Almost each one uses Visa card in everyday life. All of types Visa cards are accepted in every single online casino. You just choose card depending of your needs.



The leader on the credit and debit cards market side by side with Visa. Trusted and security. MasterCard offers a wide variety of digital currency cards. Every online casino accepts all the types of MasterCard payment cards.



Neteller is the very popular e-wallet used by gamblers in over 185 countries and supported by most online casinos. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. The registration process is simple and fast.


MoneyBookers – Skrill

Now known as Skrill and has over 15 million users, MoneyBookers offers a secure, fast and regulated service for most online casinos. Lots players prefer this payment method because it allows with an e-mail only to send and receive money in real time. 



PayPal is the most recognized online payment system in the world. Customers can send and receive money to anyone in the world having an e-mail address or a phone number only. You don’t need to provide your Bank account details to the online casinos and other merchants. Registration is free. Singin up to PayPal you tie your bank account, credit or debit card once and totally secure. You can send money from your PayPal account into your bank account at any time avoids fees and it takes between 5 to 7 business days to complete.



Click2Pay is a new payment system available and gives customers to use credit card to deposit casino accounts. It’s very convenient to make deposits and withdrawals without any rejections of credit card manufacturers.  Click2Pay e-wallet allows users funding of the account via website instantly.



Ukash is an online payment system that is very comfortable for those people who do not want to use their credit cards in the Internet at all. This system is operated by UK Company Smart Vouchers Ltd.  and in the internet since 2001. Customers use secure Ukash voucher number to pay any goods and services in majority euro countries. Ukash is the pre-paid service so any personal information doesn’t gives merchant you are dealing with. Ukash vouchers can be purchased on mobile devices and online in some countries, also at different retailers all across Europe and South Africa. There is no processing fees and no card to carry.



WebMoney is an electronic currency system that is provided by WM Ltd. To register you will be required email address verification and asked to identity your personality through sending SMS from your mobile phone.

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