Choose Bitcoin casino for online gambling

Experienced gamblers are all used to online clubs where they can register an account and play either for real money or for free without any registration. They can have all the same fun as in a real gambling house with a privilege of sitting at home and saving money and time on trips to casinos. But as technology and progress move forward, players all over the world get more and more advantages from playing in online. One of them is the ability to use Bitcoins (playing at best bitcoin casinos) instead of the conventional currencies. This electronic currency is a revolution and step by step is getting acknowledged by the world. It has its pros and cons but it's definitely worth using it as well as dollars and euros. So, let's see why people prefer it.

Why Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and it's the first digital currency that isn't regulated by anyone at all. Today 1 Bitcoin is worth a thousand dollars when you buy it, and its main advantage is the fact that transactions in bitcoin are made directly from peer to peer, which means that you don't need to use a bank account or a credit card or any other middle man to make it. Send money to anyone and anywhere in the world for free. Can you imagine a bank will let you do the same? 

What does it have to do with casinos

Though such famous people like Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-founder), Al Gore (former US vice president) and Leon Louw (Nobel Peace prize nominee) recognize it as one of the most important innovations in the world, it isn't fully integrated into the world's finance system, that's why casinos using bitcoins (a bitcoin video casino) as their only currency are considered as free casinos by law and can operate officially in any country of the world. Such casinos don't have a limit in depositing or withdrawal, no age or territory restrictions. Anyone can play anywhere without providing his personal data to verify his account. Now winners don't have to wait days and weeks till the online bitcoin casino verifies their passports to let them withdraw their money.

Where to play for bitcoins

There aren't many bitcoin casinos out there yet, and those existing may have just a couple of languages available but if your English isn't that bad, you're not going to face any troubles.

In general, a bitcoin casino can be : 1) cryptocurrency goes as a means of payment. That is, you add bitcoins to your bitcoin-account and start playing just like in every other usual casino; 2) casino becomes kind of a middle man between you and the game and gets a small percentage from the “deal” – about 1-2%. This is the best type because the chances of the casino to play unfair are negligible. All you have to do is choose a casino bitcoin that will do personally for you – first of all it depends on the range of games.

For example, In Bitcasino portal you can find any type of games that a usual club provides: all kinds of roulettes, card games, poker games, video-pokers and of course the most popular entertainment – slots. This site also has a “Rules” page for any of its slots where you are going to find a brief description of the slot, information on betting, spin results and bonus features, so even a beginner in the world of gambling will feel comfortable. Moreover, some of their games have mobile versions, so you can have your favourite games with you wherever you go.

Other great advantages are Bitcasino's support – it has an online chat – and its special offers: for you first deposit you get a huge 105% bonus! What's more, if your next deposits will be no less than 50mBTC (1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC), you will receive a 20% bonus each time! And the last thing worth noting is the amount of languages available – it's a lot for a bitcoin-casino: Chinese, Deutsch, Dutch, English, Español, Italiano, Japanese, Polski, Português, Russian, Svenska, Türkçe.