Online Casinos Slots - Frequently Asked Questions

This article answers frequently asked questions from online casino slots players. Many people subjectively believe that this branch of gambling games is shrouded in excessive number of mysteries and secrets that trick players at every step. In fact, slot machines structure does not differ from the majority of gambling world representatives. They represent programmed machines working on uniform laws and principles.

Of course, nobody is denying the fact that the slots were originally created for the purpose of deriving profit, but also the players get exactly what for they come in gambling establishments: someone longs to make easy money, others - entertainment.

Statistics every day shows the people who have won a large sum: someone gets a few thousand dollars, and somebody can become the happy owner of several million. However, none of these players stay long at the top, so as any player does not expect the stability of this type of earnings initially.

During playing for free online slots you might have some questions. To help you has been created a list of frequently asked questions and answers to these questions. If you cannot find interested answer, do not worry - ask a question to us by filling special form and you will get the answer within a few days. In case your question is important for many it will be published in this section. If you want him to remain confidential let us know.

What are online slots?

Online slots are the online emulators of land-based gaming machines which you can play in Internet casino. Choose casino site where you are going to play online slots for free or register real money account and download casino software. When you are finished, you will be given all the information about slots. Also you can read slot reviews on our site to know slots more.

What slot machines can I play online?

Earlier the choice was insignificant - mainly classical way of the game. However, there is now a large number of online games slot machines, including multi-lines, different bonuses, videogames and many others.

Whether the results of game are really random?

Yes, the results are really random. All slots online are verified and certified. Players get a honest chance to win. The result of each spin is only the random case. On the result of the spin does not affect the amount of interest bets neither frequency of winning, nor previous wins/defeat. Regularity which can be observed or traced by players is no more than a random set of combinations and spins, not associated with regular consequences.

Is there any difference between symbols of 3-reel slot machine and 5-reel?

Because slot machines have come a long way from casino slot machines in real world, same symbols in different slots are not related to each other even in that case if the slot machine has released by same manufacturer. Combinations provided by developers have individual percentage of appearance and carefully selected under general settings of the specific product.

In case of playing machines with high bets is there some advantage to the player or casino?

Yes, the player playing these kind machines has a greater advantage than playing minimal amounts of money. The higher amount of bet the lower the percentage of casino advantages over the player's. In case of big win economic difference will significantly exceed planned by gambling houses, as profits will be deducted from total amount of playing slot machines. If the game will be played on minimum bets the similar coefficient will bring the player a much more modest profit.

Can I buy slot-machine to use it at home?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with the recommendation, as we have never obtained machines for personal use. But for example In Australia purchase slot machine for home use is a violation of the law if you do not have a proper gaming license.

Where can I play the slots presented on your site?

Firstly you need to know more all interested machines choosing the most appropriate games. If information on our website is not enough it is possible to get it more detailed and extensive on the web-sites with reviews of slot-machines. Similar to our resources provide detailed and useful information to learn not only the basic parameters and features of slot, but also a lot of tips, tutorials and news on a given topic. All machines described on our site were tested personally, and the information presented is based solely on the operating experience, so you can completely trust it.

Is it possible to define whether how profitable is Risk Game?

Every such proposal is advantageous for the player. The casino has no advantage over the play as probability to guess is fifty-fifty. A similar ratio has no other casino game, so you can play risk game profitably in that way greatly increasing chances to win.

Is there a system that allows beating one or the other slot machine?

As mentioned earlier, all of the combinations and symbols appear on active lines randomly. Regularities never were. That means tactics leading to imminent win does not assumed. Those people who claim that regularly use one or another methodology, are divided into two types: acting illegally crooks or deceivers, making up own merits and strategy to win. As well as outlaws very soon find themselves behind bars, and dreamers do not have in their own words the facts, evidence and real victories.

Is it possible to define percentage of actual payouts in the game?

Data like this can be obtained through long-term experiments only as to publish these figures is not profitable for slot-machines owners. This information can scare off potential players. Trying to identify the data player need a lot of time and money, but even in this case the result will be only approximate figure sometimes very far from reality.

I saw an advertisement casino that promises a hundred-percent payment to the players, could it be possible?

Information like that as a rule is the result of a high-quality work of marketers. Guarantees may relate to only one machine of all available slots in gambling houses which is problematic to find by yourself.