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American Roulette is wide spread variation of classical Roulette game popular in USA and beyond its borders. Wheel numbers are placed in clockwise direction starting from single zero and their location order is not random.

On our website we suggest our guests to get acquainted with American roulette rules and characteristics before to choose casino and start gambling for real money.

Playing equipment description

  1. The roulette wheel. To provide stable probability of so-called simple chances it`s necessary to arrange alternating red and black, large and small, even and odd cells, colour sequence is broken only by green zero fields. Even figures interchanges with odds in 2 numbers apart from items situated next to zero. Large and small numbers rotation is also slightly violated in near zero area.
  2. Table field characteristics. While making your bet at American roulette for real money online you can ensure that all numbers are divided in three columns and three dozens, single and double zeros are separately outlined. This arrangement allows to set wager on 5 numbers at the same time – this position is called Top-line and is paid 6:1. But in fact chances of such stake landing are quite low – 33:5 and that is why it is not too beneficial.
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Payout structure – inside bets

In American roulette game the player is able to choose between following wager variations:

    1. Straight up – single number bet that is paid 35:1
    2. Split – 2 numbers stake with 17:1 payoff
    3. Street – involves 3 figures and grants 11:1
    4. Row – 4 items bet near zero sector - 11:1
    5. Corner – 4 numbers in field – 8:1
    6. Top Line - 0-00-1-2-3 cells bet – 6: 1
    7. Six line is made on 6 items – 5:1
    8. Columns and Dozens 12 numbers stake – 2:1
    9. Red/ Black, Odds/evens, large/ small numbers bet – 1:1

Where to play

Although American roulette for real money online is less popular that its European analogue it is also offered by lots of Internet casinos including – one of the most safe and reliable one.

Developed by Microgaming it can be played both in casino browser or with download, demo version doesn`t require registration as well.

Comprehensible and handy interface makes the game easy and understandable even for new comer. However, if you are an experienced gampler Expert option is available for you.