The Gee Gees slot game

A Gee Gees slot game represents a cover of a popular music band Bee Gees. All the game is made with a bright sense of humor since the main heroes are not people but animated horses dressed in disco costumes.

Description of The Gee Gees slot

Being a classic slot game the Gee Gees provides a player with a single payline and only three reels. But the game has a huge bundle of bonus features, perhaps even more than Bee Gees have songs… A bright graphics will not let you leave all the night.

To succeed in this rather straightforward game you need to know some secrets about it. First of all, watch the glittering prize all the time. In case the disco ball touches your payline you will be dancing all night long. Considering this you will be able to increase your stake up to 2000 times. Secondly, if you collect random numbers from the reels symbols go along the Payout Trail. You payout possibility depends upon how far have you gone: the further, the better. Finally, you will be taken to Reel Bonus round where you will experience more features.

Is it easy to play?

It is very easy to play the game. Enjoy it for free right now like Asian Beauty slot casino game. There is also no need to install any software on your computer. This fine game is available online with several clicks of your mouse.