Enjoy Aztec Empire slot machine

The Aztec Empire slot machine is an Aztec themed game that is the real deal for gamblers all across the world. This isn’t an average slot game however, as the outlay of the game is made out like an Aztec map. This game requires you to be a little more strategic and thoughtful than just spinning your turn. If you want a more simple gaminator on the same theme, check out Aztec Treasure slot.

General description, symbols and features

Players spin their reel and try to match the symbols or lines. Each coinciding line or symbol determines the payout. The game is made with Aztec designs and animals, giving you the familiarity of the Vegas casinos. Each spin leaves you with excitement, wondering what symbols you can win with or match up for a win!

In Aztec Empire slot, each symbol reveals a different pay or payout, as you can match the symbols or you can spin a certain symbol and win a certain amount. For instance, you can spin a scatter symbol which will be added on to your payline. Payouts are determined from how many matches, what type of symbols and the paylines.

You are allowed Free Spin features in this slot, as well as a bonus feature at the end of the game, once all of the reels are finished. During the Bonus feature you are allowed to go to a different spot on the map, and once you choose your destination, you are then on a hunt to find a hidden treasure that of course can help your payout.

Test Aztec Empire slot game online

This Aztec slot machine may have the design and colors of other Aztec casino games, but this is the real deal and gamblers are always excited to play Aztec Empire. With its maps and different, mystical places, and spinning for money each round, this game is one of the most played casino games to date.