CryptoLogic review

Online gambling industry is developing so rapidly that the ages seem to have passed since Rivkin brothers established their company. Having started with the information security idea they shortly shifted their attention to online casinos and within years CryptoLogic has become one of the leading names in the online gambling world.

Languages: English
Languages: English
Languages: English

Birth and Set-Up of the Company

Born in 1995 Cryptologic Ltd. introduced its first casino in 1996 and offered the first multi-player games in 1998. By 2007 it generated more than $400 million capital, and within the next couple of years got a number of very important guys as customers and earned the collection of prestigious awards. By 2012, the year it was purchased by Amaya Inc., CryptoLogic became one of the premier providers which gaming platforms were used by top online casinos worldwide. The policy of the provider has not changed since that time and its products and services are as quality and leading-edge as they have always been.

CryptoLogic games

CryptoLogic team succeeded in producing terrific games. Striving for outstanding quality in sound/graphics/updates stuff and being guided by possible likes of both casino operators and players Cryptologic can now offer more than a hundred of fantastic casino games ranging from almost all poker, blackjack, roulette, and Cryptologic slot games variations to such not very common games as Sic bo and Pontoon. Usually this captivating game variety is supplemented with a monthly deposit or cash back bonuses and random prizes offered by the casinos.

Cryptologic slots

We cannot but pay more attention to CryptoLogic slots free since they are another cutting edge of the provider:

1. Sharp and clean graphics of CryptoLogic slots together with a great variety of versions made games extremely engaging.

2. Brand’s partnering with Marvel comics brought amazing series of exclusive slots games such as Batman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, X-Men, etc. 3. Finally, the Millionaires Club is another immensely popular slots game with progressive jackpot prizes in which the award can reach more than five million dollars.

CryptoLogic today

Today CryptoLogic means Amaya. Being the global gaming leader Amaya managed to preserve the identity of the provider. Every serious player knows the provider’s logo because CryptoLogic implies only successful online gambling.