Privacy Policy

On we see as our duty and responsibility to provide confidentiality and safety of the users` data.

This page is a kind of document that hereinafter we will call the “Privacy” or Privacy Policy and Cookies Use. Here we explain the way the information is processed on our site - both the information we provide and receive from the users.

Information about the visitor is received when visitor uses any kind of website`s interactive resources. Playing free demo versions of games or making use of any other site`s categories, the visitor has to agree with Terms of Use and follow them. These terms are also applied to software providers services and ones of third party applications.

Rules concerning website`s access and gaming opportunities are named as the Services hereinafter.

We insist on getting acquainted with Terms of Use and the Privacy pages before to use our site. If you are already site`s visitor and use any sort of services we provide, we mean you give your consent to our rules and terms. It also states your agreement about the way we collect and process information about site`s visitors.

About Us is a website dedicated to online gambling theme that includes infromative reviews of casino games and their free demo versions available for playing. The access to our site is free from any instructive actions and requirements like deposits, payments or even registration.

The rights of privacy data lies in the basics of our Privacy rules and all information on the site is gathered and processed only in their strict accordance.

Users` Data Accessible For Us

Using our website the visitor authorizes us to collect such personal data as telephone number, the country of residence, email, and social network services used from/with our site.

The following data is also tracked:

We see the details about how our site is used: applications used by visitors to get an access to services, their activity analytics, streamed or recorded data related to user. When you are using our services the site`s system can remember the mouse clicks and browser history. Clients` software, IP addresses and devices are tracked too.

The information characterised above is tracked with cookies which we place on user`s system. When you express your consent about the usage of this technology, you give us a permission to track and control all materials stated on presented Privacy page:

  • Information available on the website
  • “Game chatting” related information
  • Data received by the visitor while contacting the sites administration

Data we do not track

Personal, financial or third party information is not collected. Do not share copy of proof, first or last name - information of this kind will be removed.

Use Of Cookies

The process of data tracking and collection described in this document is performed with cookies technology. With their help the access to the website resources and its services is allowed.

Brief definition of cookies is a file that has unique symbols and characters set on your device (PC, tablet, mobile) when you use the site`s services. The visitor has a choice whether to agree or refuse from using cookies. In most cases the users give their consent on placing the cookies because in such a way we can put browser settings. If use of cookies is rejected, one time standard permanent technology is applied for you. Remember, when the cookies are not activated, we can alter your browser settings and to cancel them if needed.

The Use Of Collected Information

We collect the data with cookies for following purposes:

  • To provide the visitor with products and services applicable to laws and legislation of the country he/she resides. Tracking information of your account we analyze our services.

About Promotional and Marketing Materials:

  • Due to the principles of presented document we can use the data to control the quality of our services. It also can be done from personal profile we have a right to create.


We are obliged to take all security measures to prevent data falsification, loss or misuse

Sharing The Data

We never transfer and share the data with other parties until it is not required by law or legal requests in order to prevent act of terrorism or crime.

Anonymous information about site`s users can be provided to advertisers in order to improve their quality of services.