French roulette for real money

History of French Roulette originates to 18th century. Initially it represented table with two playing fields and wheel with two zeros in the middle. Later, the second zero and playing area were canceled , number order was changed. In this way regarded game was created and took the form of its modern variant played in French roulette online and land – based casinos.

French roulette rules and payouts

Due to the fact that wheel of discussed game`s type has 37 pockets its profitability is noticeably lower than at American`s one and equals 2,7 %.

French roulette field is also bigger than American that is why it`s much more comfortable to take bets with Dealer`s help. Oral bets were founded in French type too and until now they are pronounced in French manner.

French roulette real money play is performed with accordance of existed bet ways:

  • En Plein – is one number bet with payout of 35:1
  • A Cheval — two numbers stake with 17:1 payoff
  • Transversale — is paid 11:1 and made on 3 figures on th area
  • Carre — 4 number wager that brings 8:1 win
  • Sixaine stake involves 6 points and paid 5:1
  • Colonne and Douzaine bets made on 12 figures - 2:1

The rest of existed bets are made on series of numbers and have various peculiar features. Complete table of described betting system is provided on our website.

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French roulette for real money – how is it played

  • In virtual round the player`s goal remains unchained – to predict the spin`s result.
  • After winning cell is correctly anticipated he gets payoff amount stated in Paytable.
  • The player decides what bet to make being restricted by table limits only.
  • Spin/ Start button triggers wheels spins
  • When the ball stops Croupier announces winning number
  • All bets that don`t match winning result are replaced from the table.
  • If your wager has won you are paid the prize mentioned in Paytable.
  • To choose necessary chip value click on of several offered chips
  • Then place it clicking required area on the table or billboard
  • Every following click adds one more chip of selected denomination increasing total wager
  • You can also remove/ alter the bet using corresponding button

So, as you can see French roulette for real cash is not less exciting than its European and American analogues. Simple rules and absorbing gamepaly will definitely capture you time spent online.