Play Spiderman slot game

Spiderman is a very familiar superhero and has been so for several years. And now casinos are also playing their part to take him on with Spiderman slots machines already installed in casinos at important locations. Together with the well known Marvel label, new slot machines have been installed with features to play the latest and most popular Spiderman stories. The animated graphics are all full of action, risk and adventure as could have been expected. If that’s what you like best about slots, check out another Marvel game - Iron Man 2 slot, for example.

Features and bonuses

There are some novel ideas such as a collection bonus which adds to the spirit of adventure and risk taking, which, first of all, drives people to these machines. When you spin off those reels in the newly introduced Spiderman slot machine, the collection bonus can be about ten times of the normal reward on the bets you place. That is quite a deal and glue several people to their seats in front of these machines reeling off luck and fortune, to those who can take the risk. And Lady Luck does favor the Brave indeed.

Enjoy Spiderman slot for free

The Spiderman slots game is also provided with newly introduced novelties called the Spidey Snapshot feature in addition to the collection Bonus. There is also a Venom feature specially to force you to search, find out your rival called by the name of Venom, arrange an escapade for your beautiful heroine from the grasp of the marauding villain, then special bonuses shower on to you. And the biggest is kept of course for the end, called the progressive jackpot to which the slot takes you if you take all the possible risks and play for real.