Triangulation slot machine review

Let us tell you about a wonderful online slot game that has literally taken online casinos by storm and remained top popular for a long time – Triangulation slot. What attracts players so much is surely a unique and self-sufficient style of the game as well as a real possibility to win several times on a single spin. You may try this stunning slot machine for free like The Finer Reels of Life video slot game.

Triangulation`s features

While the game is played within the framework of a triangular playing area the very sense of the game is to collect corresponding triangles of different colours within this area. The task seems to be too simple but it is this simplicity that immediately hookes you and doesn`t let you go until you finally win. A set of more cooler features makes the game even more absorbing.

For instance, red triangle wild is used to make a winning combination. There are also some bonus features like Swap Out Bonus allowing a player to change the colour of any three triangles inside the playing area. This option is available only if three bonus symbols appear in a playing grid simultaneously. It is also possible to launch a chain of combinations that can multiple your wins in a single play. But to make this you really should be lucky enough. Before starting, don`t forget to check out the rules of the slot. Click on View Rules button to find all information about Triangulation`s rules.