Great Griffin slot game

Great Griffin slot is a Microgaming’s development. It is dedicated to magic creatures named Griffons, which according to ancient myths guard treasures. The twenty-first century shows us that people are still fond of such legends and they are interested in such kind of things. So Microgaming offers them an excellent opportunity to experience new fascinating emotions and, at the same time, earn quite a nice money.

Great Griffin - Web Slot Casino

At a first sight Great Griffin game may look like one of another online slots, which are in a great quantity in the Internet. But it differs greatly from those. First of all, this slot possesses a unique game theme – bright and absorbing. Second of all, it has absolutely unbelievable amount of paylines. There are fifty paylines! And it means that the number of possibilities for making winning combinations increases immensely. The minimum bet is equal to one cent. As a whole, you can bet one dollar at a payline. Also, the slot has five spinning reels.

The game symbols include dragon`s eggs, quills, book of spells, griffin, flasks and plant roots. Griffon is a wild symbol of the game. If you manage to match five griffons in a row, your bet is multiplied by five thousand times. At the same time griffin can substitute any other symbol of the game. There’s also quite unusual trick: a special bonus, Griffin Wild Bonus, appears unexpectedly after the spinning reel stops and turns some symbols into wild symbols. So, it gives you additional opportunities to maximize your gain.

Scatter symbol is easy recognizable because of its developer’s logo. Its appearance promises a lot of free spins and large multiplications of gains. Among usual symbols the most profitable is that of dragon’s egg. If you match three or more of them in one row, your bet is multiplied by two to two hundred times.

For true gamblers there are no limits of gaming. They are not afraid to take reasonable risks and gain new experience. Of course, for such people there’s an option of a risk game. Here, you can double your win if you guess the right answer.

If you do not want to risk real money, you can always train at online free slots. This will give you a possibility to get a necessary experience.

GreatGriffin is an excellent sample of a good online slot. It provides literally unlimited opportunities for profitable gambling. It goes without saying, that you can make all this money without even going out of your flat.