Break da Bank slot for fun

Bank robbery is a really dangerous and illegal action. This is true, but only in one case - if you are caught “on the hot”. If all goes well, you will become rich and respected man. Therefore, we can say that the risk is in fact justified. Another thing is that the bank robbery is possible without any risk. You just need to know where to look for such banks. The best way to go on a "case" in the Break Da Bank slot machine. We all dream about that bank break. This feeling overwhelms us when we want to get wealth. However, money is a good incentive, but it is not important, because the excitement - it is something special that is not available for everyone.

Functions and features for players

Break da Bank - it is non-progressive three-reel slot machine with five pay lines. The game has a wild symbol, multiplier, and a good jackpot. Here you can face only a few symbols: three kinds of pictures BAR, on dollar picture and Break da Bank logo.

Professional bank robbers prefer to work when they have an assistant inside the bank. That is why you are lucky man - the slot machine Break Da Bank does have such assistants. This are special bonus symbols. The first of them performs a function that is commonly called Wild symbol. This symbol has the right to replace any other symbols, to form a prize combination. In this slot, Wild symbol is a colorful logo Break da Bank. If it replaces one symbol, the winnings will be doubled, if two Wild symbols forms winning combination, then the payment will be multiplied by four! Moreover, combination of three game logos brings huge amounts of money, depending on which line they appeared - from 1000 to 2400 credits. Actually, Microgaming company has created a lot of games about robberies: Bust the Bank video slot, Bobby 7s casino game and others.

The game has bright, well-pictured interface. Slot declares about huge amounts of money that are stored in the vaults. All you need is a bit of luck, and you will have them in your pocket! The game is simple, but quite hazardous and absorbing. If you like classic slot machines, then you will enjoy Break Da Bank. Besides, it will be much more interesting thanks to the many exciting features that are rarely found in other simple slot machines.