American Blackjack Rules & Demo

Game with perfect understanding the meaning of “sense of proportion” – American Blackjack online is presented for money gaming on our proven casino sites. However, on this page you can try to gamble it just for a pleasure and after becoming real pro – begin earning money on your feelings.

American Blackjack - Games Start

Starting habitually with gameplay description, we need to state that it is rather user-friendly and all buttons appear under the acting hand step by step due to the situation or player’s choice.

The first option under gamer’s regulation is wagers limits, that is proposed to set before game is loaded. Choose appropriate variant for you from following alternatives for minimal / ultimate stakes:

  • 1 – 100
  • 5 – 250
  • 15 – 500

After it, game is loaded and gaming process can be started after placing bets:

From special selector pick up chip and put it on staking areas available on American Black jack table – three in all.

In order to decrease set bet use combination Shift and left button (on the mouse or touchpad) as well as operate with Undo button that appears after placing stakes.

When hands and bets are ready to game click on Deal button for collecting cards.

For altering any options like sound effects like dealer’s voice and so far operate with Main Menu that expands the whole interface with Games Menu, Options, Gaming Guide, Support and About.

Split Hands, Doubled Wagers Or How To Increase The Payouts

Sense of proportion is right description of Blackjack golden rule – not to exceed 21 points. If you get 22 and more it is Bust situation when dealer automatically wins.

Due to American Blackjack rules as well as its more popular classical real money variant - 21 points may be achieved as a sum of various cards or with two special ones – any of Aces and one of tens – tens or faces valued as tens. The last situation is called Blackjack and always wins and awards player 3 to 2, if only dealer doesn’t create Blackjack too. In such case, Push is announced and player collects his wagers back.

Also, Ace can create hard and soft combinations. Note, at this game dealer gets cards till 16 and stands on soft 17. Soft 17 is a combo created with Ace and 6. Ace can be estimated as 11 points or 1 point. Hard 7 is created with 6 and Ace too, but Ace is equal to 1.

During the action player may Double Down his current bet for hand and get new card at once.

Also, if you Split your hand (another option that is activated after collecting same valued cards like two sevens or King and Jack that are estimated as 10 points both), you can Double Down wagers too.

If dealer after the first dealt collects 10-valued card, he checks for Blackjack automatically and if he owns it – is ended to the benefit of dealer.

But if he possesses Ace as opened card, player has a choice whether to purchase Insurance or not. It costs half of wager and pays 2 to 1. It can be bought only if player hasn’t collected Blackjack.

As if player has gathered two cards with Blackjack and dealer owns Ace as opened card, player is proposed to be paid Even money – i.e. in proportion 1 to 1. So, as you can see, the rules are not complicated and if you want to play American Blackjack for money, now you are ready for the action!