European Blackjack Rules & Free Play

Created with numerous options European Blackjack online is one of the most easily operated casino table games with money bets. It offers to player insurance, surrender and other variants during the gaming that help to increase initial wager or at least, save the stakes. Get more info with our review and apply new knowledges on practice with presented demo version below.

European Blackjack Gameplay Tips & Goal

This Blackjack variant due to its rules offers gamblers various wager variants together with action during the gameplay.

One of the most curious things is Surrender option added to the gameplay. If you have remote possibility to gain victory, it is possible to surrender hand and end dealing for it with saving half of the wagers. Surrender is proposed only if dealer doesn’t possess Ace as opened card.

Regarding other options, Insurance is involved to the European Blackjack game as well as to its famous competitor - American Blackjack. It is a traditional extra bet if dealer has caught Ace as first card. It means that he can create Blackjack, but player may protect his money from loss with buying Insurance that awards in proportion two to one. However, the primary wager will be lost. But if player is right, he will return money and break even. For instance, the initial wager is 10, thus Insurance is 5 (half of the original wager for a hand). Dealer gathers Blackjack, player’s hand losses, but insurance is payed two to one – 15 chips in all and 15 chips were spent on wagering.

The next traditional action that is not cancelled in European Blackjack is Split. However, at this game it is impossible to divide 10s and 4s-5s into new hands. In you collected two Aces and split it, just single card will be added to each of them.

The situation when player owns Blackjack and dealer – Ace may be created too. In such a case player can get Even money payout. Not accepting it you may find yourself in Push situation – equal cards values with dealer and just get money back without payouts. Even money credits award in proportion one to one.

Revealing The Mystery Of Blackjack

Together with all those numerous advantages the game is played with eight decks and player may choose up to three hands to play against the dealer.

Each hand can be created with various initial wagers. Pick up chips and place on circles meant for it. Undo button can alter set stakes.

On the contrary – Deal button launches the gaming and cards are given to selected hands and dealer. For each hand the following options may be applied: Hit / Double Up / Split / Surrender / Stand / Insurance. All those options appear on European Blackjack casino game screen due to the gaming situation and dealt cards.

With Hit button player can collect more cards, just note that more than 21 points is prohibited at Blackjack and called Bust (player losses). Thus, use Stand option to give turn to another hand or dealer.

Blackjack combination itself is union of Ace and any 10s (only two cards union; 21 collected with 3 cards is just 21). Note that Face cards at all Blackjack games are counted as tens. Regarding Ace it can be valued as 1 in parallel with 11 points.

Also, dealer gets new cards until reaching 16 points and stops on soft 17 (ace plus six combo).