Blackjack Switch Game Online

It may seem that casino table games are unaltered classics and can`t thrill high-fed gamblers with any new features. To refute this thought we present Blackjack Switch online by Playtech - one of the variations of classic Blackjack card game with a very specific and interesting feature which we are going to describe in our review below. You can use the opportunity to give the game a try by playing its demo version right on this page and make your gaming emotions even hotter by playing for real money in casinos.

Old-Schooled Features Or What Was First

The idea is the same as in a classic version of Blackjack– to outgame the dealer by getting a head with a better score. The best score is 21 points, which made it the alternative name of the game – “21”. In fact, “Blackjack” is the name for the strongest hand consisting of 2 cards (an ace and a 10-points card) which gives a score of 21 points. So the winning hand should be as close as possible to 21, but should not exceed this number. The head exceeding 21 points loses.

We will not go in this review into details about the rules of Blackjack game which form the basis of Pontoon type and Blackjack Switch in casinos. They are widely known, and all the detailed information about how to play can be found in the information section. To open it, press the wrench icon, located in the upper right corner and select HELP. This section will also inform you about cards ranking, betting limits, payouts, etc. In a few words, the player starts the game by placing a bet, getting the initial hand, playing out this hand by choosing the desired options to bring the number of points as close to 21as possible: HITTING more cards to add more points, DOUBLE the bet if the chances to win grow, SPLITTING the initial hand if it combines two cards of the same printed value or choosing to stop hitting and fix the hand at what it looks like at the moment by pressing STAND.

Then the remaining heads are scored and the winner is announced.

Blackjack Switch Strategy - What Makes It Special

What makes the game unique and a bit more complex is its SWITCH part. When playing a few hands at a time (which is featured by many online Blackjack variations), have you ever regretted that you cannot swap around your cards to achieve more favorable combinations for both hands? We bet you have…

Blackjack Switch game gives you this opportunity! You can use the SWITCH option, should you consider that this shift can increase your chance of a successful outcome of the deal. You can do this only once after you are dealt the initial hand.

But this is not the only innovation. In this Blackjack Switch version a dealer hand scoring 22 does not bust but pushes all of your hands that do not make a blackjack combination.

These two twists definitely shake things up making this game worth trying.