Pontoon Game Rules & Demo

One of the world-known and most widely played casino banking games is Pontoon online - popular variation of real money Blackjack game. It is based on typical gameplay but features some twists or slight modifications to the taste of players in different corners the world.

It is played using 6 decks of cards. First of all, a player should remember card values. They do not differ from the ones in Blackjack.

Online Pontoon Card Game - Hands Value

To find out what bet can bring you much profit, discover the basics given below:

  • Aces - 11 or 1 points
  • Face cards – 10 points
  • Number cards count according to the numbers they represent

The purpose of the game doesn`t differ from European Blackjack goal - getting a winning hand which is closer to 21 than that of a dealer. The hand that makes more than 21 is immediately busted and a player loses.

Pontoon online game acquires its name for the combination of cards which makes the best possible hand. It is a combination of two cards: one ace and a card which counts 10 (any face card).

The next best hand is a five cards combination as long as it gives less than 21 points (that is the hand hasn’t busted).

After these two combinations, the higher score of a hand ranks higher (given that it doesn’t exceed 21).

Pontoon as well as a Five-card hand pays out 2 to 1.

A winning score pays out 1 to 1.

Gameplay Detailed Review

First of all you are to place a bet or bets, depending on the number of hands that you want to play in a current game round. You can choose from one to three hands. Select a chip from a set of chips in bottom right of the screen. Place your chip on one of the boxes. Place other bets if you choose to play more than one hand. Note the MIN/MAX plate in the top left side to see the smallest and and the biggest possible betting values.

Press the Deal button to get your cards. In Pontoon gambling game player and the dealer are handed two cards (player’s hands are face up, the dealer’s one is face down).

The dealer checks his hand and in the case if it makes a Pontoon, the dealer wins immediately. If the dealer’s cards exceed 21, they are busted and you win.

Otherwise, the game continues and you have a choice of actions in order to reach the best combination for all your hands:

  • You can add a card or a few cards to your hand by clicking Twist
  • You can click Stick if you choose to add no more cards to the hand

In Pontoon games online one can split his initial hand by clicking Split provided that two cards have same value and get two hands instead of one. You can re-split one more time. Mind that splitting will double your bet.

You can press Buy to double your bet (but only in the case if you got no more than four cards in hand).

After the results are announced, a new round begins. You can place an entirely new bet by clicking the New Bet button. You can also click Rebet to bring your previous bet to the table.

Look for the detailed gameplay description and game setting options in the information section in the bottom left of the screen.