Globe Roulette - Play Novomatic Roulette Online

When Novomatic Group makes something, it appears to be a real masterpiece and Globe Roulette is surely its one of the best products. Two modes for wheel, various stakes and high limits together with all traditional betting areas with special track for bets like Series together with Orphelins – all of these you can enjoy during the gambling trial version and after – for real deal with Quasar Gaming.

Globe Roulette - New Look At European Wheel

This type of roulette is similar to European Roulette casino variant with simple gameplay options that regulate stake amounts.

Before placing wagers, discover more about betting areas – standard table with one zero on it together with additional track that can be expanded with click on “special” sign. The track will be shown and call bets can be placed with it too. Click with chip on any betting area on track and all wagers meant by this section will be automatically shown on the table.

To place the bet use chips with denomination from 0.50 up to the ultimate 500, but stay in limits – in Globe Roulette online all wagering sections have the same limits rules:

  • Min – 0,50 credits
  • Max – 5000 credits

The following buttons are activated after placing stakes:

  • Remove chips – deactivates some chips from wagering areas
  • Remove all chips – clears table from stakes completely for making new ones

Also, gameplay is built on two modes:

  • Quick Spin – the outcome is shown on the wheel within few seconds
  • Spin – gaming in ordinary mode

Peculiarities Of Online Roulette Betting

Now, you’ve figured out everything about wagers and its requirements as well as about possible modes and wheel. Thus, place bets on any sectors and trigger the spinning. In extra window the wheel appears and winning number will be shown on the screen and marked on the table with pointer.

Each action in Globe Roulette for real money is supplied with animated, so placing chips on any area numbers taking for wagering will be highlighted for your convenience. For instance, staking for red, all red numbers will be shown for you.

So, for Red or not for Red? It is rather controversial question, when it comes to wagering. There are three variants for you to make a decision:

  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Bets for special track – call bets

Outside stakes in Novomatic Globe Roulette online differ from its opposite Inside wagers with higher possibility to win, but losses payouts competition in comparison with Inside ones.

Outside wagers cover more numbers like Red all red sections or Odds all odd sections. Another outside stakes are Evens – covering even numbers, black – covering black numbers, high – only high numbers and low – low number. All these stakes pay one to one award.

Another outside wagers are columns – choose from three available variants, as well as dozens – from three dozens. Those bets pay two to one.

Inside wagers are those ones placed for one variant – just for one number with the most lucrative payout, or for two numbers and so on up to six numbers.