X-Men slot for fun

Here's another brilliant example of what a game can be when professional casino software creators don't forget about comics fans.

Super features for super heroes

X-Men slot machine is themed after the popular Marvel comics series and design is far from traditional online slots – you won't find standard symbols here, all of them refer to the comics or the movies based on it. You'll be glad to see good old familiar faces beginning with Professor X and Magneto, finishing with Juggernaut and Raven. The wild symbol is a Wild logo and it can replace any symbol except the scatter one, which is the X-men logo. When 5 symbols of any X-man shape an X, your bet is multiplied by 5 – it may be not much but it happens quite often. If you like it, check out Ghost Rider slot too.

If 3 or more scatter symbols land, the main bonus game starts. The heroes mode triggers free spins that will continue until Magneto symbol appears on reel 3, this is called the villains mode. But it also has free spins – there are 8 of them and but Professor X can save you anytime appearing on reel 3. Thus, the heroes mode with unlimited amount of spins is on again.

Marvel's famous jackpots

The series of online slots based on Marvel stories is known for its progressive jackpot giving you a chance to win the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Absolute Power reward. The game gives you a lot of ways and chances to be the winner!