Lucky 7 Blackjack Casino Game

Choosing what table game to play for money in casinos classics are always in favor, but Lucky 7 Blackjack – it is not only traditional game with eight decks and long-held combinations for victory. This game offers side stakes for sevens that have its discrete role in parallel with high payouts. In addition, let’s add here such recognizable gameplay moments as Insurance and splitting hands function and we will paint the brightest picture for this game.

7s As The Primary Aim

One of the distinctive features of this kind of game is that in Lucky Seven Blackjack online aims to check your ability to predict appearing not only winning combos, but also – sevens in your hand. Regarding wagers, this game is divided into two main parts – standard stakes maximum for three hands simultaneously without which game will not be started together with side bets for Sevens (small circles with 7 inside it).

As usual, take chips with various amounts on it and place for any hand or three at the same time to launch the gaming with Deal. After it, all options involved to the Lucky 7 Blackjack casino game will be shown up due to cards nominal.

Table with payouts and peculiar limits for this type of Blackjack is visible with hovering over the Table Limits and Payouts. In addition, it shows up the summarized rules for both parties – player and banker.

Collecting the Blackjack combo player is presented with the highest prize counted according to the proportion 3 to 2. But if only Sevens fall on your hand, mysterious payouts are credited due to the following rules:

  • 1 Seven – 3 to 1 (unmatched and matched suits)
  • 2 Sevens – 25 to 1 (unmatched suits) / 50 to 1 (matched suits)
  • 3 Sevens – 100 to 1 (unmatched suits) / 500 to 1 (matched suits)
  • Note that get such payouts Seven must be dealt to you with the first dealt.

Lucky 7 Blackjack Tips - Cards, Hands, Insurance

Together with sevens, there are two types of cards with special roles:

  • Aces possess various value estimated in 1 point or 11. Thus, combos with Aces can be hard of soft, i.e. collecting ace and five you create hard 6 and soft 16
  • Tens – all cards with faces on it like Jack and higher

Uniting ace and face in one combo player gets Blackjack – 21 points alliance familiar from original Blackjack casino game. 21 points act peculiar role at any Blackjack gameplay, because it is a line that divides it into two parts:

  • Up to 21 and 21 – victorious combos if only higher than dealer’s outcome
  • More than 21 – hand is bust and wager lost

If player and dealer are equal in its cards outcome it is Push situation. Wagers are saved and returned.

As about acting during Lucky 7 Blackjack round , two primary options Hit (get new card) and Stand (stop dealing for a hand) are traditionally involved.

Also Split, Insurance, Even money and Double up are offered during gaming.

  • Insurance – player try to protect his hand with Insurance, if dealer’s visible card is ace. This offer is side bet for dealer’s win with Blackjack and pays two to one only if dealer gains victory with Blackjack
  • Split – makes new hands if alike cards were dealt
  • Even money – gamer has collected Blackjack, however dealer’s opened card is Ace. Thus, because of high odds for dealer to gather Blackjack too, player is proposed even money instead of 3 to 2 payout
  • Double Up – increase bet per hand two times before getting new card