Crazy Cactus Bingo Online

To understand why Crazy Cactus Bingo has such unusual and funny name click on Start button and you will understand everything easily – ball appearing right from the cactus mouth looking as hot as Mexican muchacho… Do you still need any explanations? Yes, developers of bestselling Novomatic slots know how to amaze the audience. Wear your sombrero and conquer wild lands now!

Start Wagering - Start Winning

Apart from some other popular table games played for cash bingo rules are simply clear even for newbies. It is played maximum with 4 cards (each of them involves 15 randomly selected numbers) and 30 balls with numbers on it that are appeared from Cactus.

Now learn more about its gameplay. Paytable with Jackpot screen are placed above the cards. All possible combos starting from the highest Bingo and going to its lowest Inverted V are depicted in separate block and shows the ways to create it.

To choose number of cards in Crazy Cactus Bingo casino game use special selector or simply turn on/off any card with button at the right upper corner of each card. For changing numbers on the cards operate with Shuffle button (two crossing arrows at the right corner below).

When you place wagers, keep in mind that you set separate wager for each card. It means betting 0.06 (the minimal point per 1 card) you wager 0.06 for second card too and so on. Thus, selecting 4 cards, you will stake in general 0.24.

Start as well as Turbo mode buttons are placed at the right corner below the gaming area. After all alterations click on it to launch the gaming with Cactus in preferable mode. At the same time, play in Autoplay mode too just clicking on its button.

Crazy Cactus Bingo - Real Money Jackpot and Bonuses

When 30 balls with diverse numbers on it from 1 to 90 are showing up from the Cactus, they are automatically marked on the cards, if they tally with numbers on it. If any combo is created, it is marked with red line and highlighted at the Paytable above.

If any combo may be created, it is possible to buy extra balls (up to 10 balls). Each new ball has various value, that is shown on the main screen.

Collect Bingo right after the first dealing and get the most valuable award of Crazy Cactus Bingo game – Jackpot. Its amount enlarges with the wager alterations, the higher wager is set, the higher award is got.

Cactus wasn’t selected as main character by accident and we prepared the proofs:

  • Collect Bonus combo and trigger incredible feature with sombrero – pick any of its great selection and reveal nice prizes! The feature game is ended if player opened the hat with “exit” award.