Caribbean Holdem Online

Just like other table games played against the house, Caribbean Holdem online is great for those players who love poker but feel a little constraint in presence of other players at the table, whether it be in land-based casinos or when playing online.

Probably, you have already familiarized yourself with Caribbean stud poker. But no matter how good stud poker is, the undisputed leader among all popular poker versions, is undoubtedly Texas Hold'em. So why not integrating these two games in one so that the result is a version based on Texas Hold'em gameplay, but with the features of Caribbean stud poker? Thus Caribbean Holdem strategy emerged.

In general, the rules are almost no different from Texas Hold'em, but this version includes the option of a Progressive side bet, just like other poker types provided on our website.

Rules` Specialties In Details

The game is started by selecting a chip value and placing an ante bet by means of clicking on the selected chip. The betting spot will show your bet size depending on the number of clicks you make. If you are going to bet more than is permissible in this game, a warning window will prompt you to reduce the rate.

This done, get your 2-card hand by pressing Deal. Along with your and the dealer’s hands 3 community cards will be dealt on the table facing up. Check for any combinations that can be put together using your hand and the flop. If you are positive about continuing the game, press Raise to be allowed to see the last two community cards. Otherwise, press Fold to quit playing this hand and not to have to raise your bet. This will be a wise decision in the case if your hand doesn’t show any ways of beating the dealer’s hand even combined with the existing community cards. That is all about basics of Caribbean Holdem poker strategy.

If you choose to keep on playing and all community cards has been dealt on the table, the dealer will turn his two cards face up and your hands will be compared to determine which one wins this round.

In case of a win you’ll get an ante payout according to the pay chart in the RULES section, while the call bet pays out equal money. In the case when the dealer hand wins, your bets will go to the house. If your hands tie, both bets push.

Caribbean Hold'em Feature

What is the progressive side bet, featured by Caribbean versions of poker? This is an additional way to gain money if you are lucky to collect a strong hand. Simply place a bet of $1 on the Progressive betting spot at the onset of the hand along with your ante bet, thus activating this option for the current round. Progressive payouts can also be seen in the RULES section.

As we see, the rules and strategy are very exciting and interesting that is why many players prefer poker to other table games like online Roulette or Baccarat, finding it more challenging and puzzling.