Beach Party Bingo - Review & Free Demo

Sunny sand, waves and umbrellas bringing сфыр payouts with Jackpot – test Beach Party Bingo just for fun and you will buy real ticket at Quasar Casino for gambling in money mode full of lucrative cash outflows and unpredictable bonuses developed by Novomatic Group.

Beach Party Bingo Online - Rules Explanations

The gameplay system is built on two main waves. The first wave alters cards displayed on sunny sand with special buttons at the right corner of each card:

  • On – activates card
  • Off – deactivates it

In parallel with those buttons, special cards selector is included to the gaming activity. With ordinary +/- buttons it is convenient and easy to set favorable amount of cards.

The second wave in Beach Party Bingo game regulates wagers put on the sandy beach from its minimal point 0.06 for single card, up to its highest variant – 25 credits for one card.

For unlimited surfing Autoplay mode is added. Just trigger it and surf through waves collecting winning points making right turn deciding whether to hit extra ball or collect won money. Autoplay mode can be terminated with Stop button.

All info about the Beach Party gameplay is posted at the Info section.

Party In Full Play – Jackpots And Bonuses

When party comes to its full play it is time to collect Jackpot and Bonuses. Novomatic Beach Party Bingo is created in all good Bingo traditions with 90 balls in general with numbers from one to ninety and 30 balls that are credited for you after wagering and extra balls that can be purchased only if any winning combo may be completed. Every extra ball has various price just like in Novomatic Crazy Cactus Bingo online which free demo is also presented on our site.

Value is displayed on the screen displaying winning amounts.

However, programmers from Novomatic added special adventures:

  • Jackpot – is won when Bingo collected only with 30 balls.
  • Bonus – is opened when Bonus combination is assembled with any amount of balls. Umbrella with payouts appears on the screen and player presses on arrow to trigger wheel spinning. Sand shovel is a pointer, when wheel is stopped it shows prize amount.

All combinations that can be attained at this Bingo game are displayed at the special Paytable section. When any combination is gained, it is shown at this section automatically and marked on the card on which it was created. When number on the ball matches with number on any card it is crossed with X symbol. Red marker shows the winning combo.