Deal Or No Deal Blackjack Casino Game

Popular Deal or No Deal TV show inspired many gaming software providers to create new unique versions of classical table games (like Deal Or No Deal Roulette game already presented in our collection) and Deal Or No Deal Blackjack online we are going to review on this page is another product of this kind.

This game will be definitely appreciated by those who are in awe of tension and thrill of sheer luck created by the Deal or No Deal atmosphere and who don’t mind to enjoy good old Blackjack at a felt casino table.

The game features a standard classic Blackjack gameplay with a “banker offer” feature on each hand.

Dealer-Player Opposition

There’s not much to explain as to the gameplay to those who are already familiar with basic rules of classic Blackjack.

The objective of this game is outplaying the dealer at the end of each hand by getting a better combination of cards (scoring as close as possible to 21 points, but not getting over this number).

Each hand in Deal or No Deal Blackjack starts when the player makes a bet by placing a chip of a desired value on the betting area (this particular version offers playing 3 hands at a time with 3 bets placed, one for every hand).

When pressing Deal option, the player gets initial two-card hands. They are dealt face up. The hand that the dealer gets consists of one hole card (this one is dealt face down) and one open card (face up). At first, the dealer checks his initial hand for a “blackjack”, the highest combination of two cards, namely an ace and another card which scores 10 points, adding up to 21 points, which allows the dealer’s hand to win instantly.

In case if the dealer is not that lucky, the player can proceed with getting closer to the target of 2-points hand by selecting the following options:

  • Add another card or more to the hand by pressing Hit
  • Press the Stand button to lock the hand and save it with the existing score

You may be offered other Deal Or No Deal Blackjack options, like Splitting your hand or Doubling your bet.

Once the player chooses to stand on all of the hands that hasn’t busted (gone over 21), the dealer plays out his hand. Then, hands are scored and the stronger hand wins at even odds.

Please have a look at the game rules and features in more details in the info section under the “?” icon.

Deal or No Deal Blackjack Peculiar Element

Deal or No Deal part of this game is triggered right after the hands have been dealt. It appears in the form of a banker offer which player gets for each of the initial hands. As in the case with a TV prototype this cash offer gives a choice either to accept the proposal by clicking Deal or reject it by choosing No Deal. The offers are generated according to the size of the player’s bet and the chances to get a favorable outcome on each specific hand. As soon as the player accepts the offer, it is paid out instantly and the corresponding hand is “frozen” and doesn’t play anymore. If the offer is rejected, the game continues normally.