Deal Or No Deal Roulette Online

The essence of popular and modernized Deal or No Deal roulette free casino game lies in combination of the best elements of various games resulting in obtaining even better variations. This method is not neglected by the providers of roulette. This review will focus on the roulette version, created by combining the classic roulette with the popular TV show.

For many years roulette has been a favorite for games of chance fans. This game did not undergo any major changes to stay atop of its popularity. But today, a lot of games are being improved and perfected by their makers to achieve more exciting gaming experience.

Deal Or No Deal Roulette Rules

This kind of roulette has been developed on the basis of the classic European roulette with a single Zero. Its rules are known to all players who have ever had to deal with roulette. But we will repeat them briefly for the first-timers.

All is extremely simple. Aim of the game is to try to guess which number will win in a spin and make appropriate bets on the gaming table. European roulette offers a variety of bets: standard and complex ones. You can make a bet using chips of any values among those available in the game. Testing our Deal or No Deal roulette demo you wiil see that bets can be made Inside and Outside the field with numbers (from 1 to 36 + one Zero spot). All these numbers correspond to the pockets on the spinning wheel. Once you have finished making your bets, press the SPIN button. The wheel starts spinning along with the ball. The winning number is the one which is in line with the pocket in which the ball lands.

All information about the status of your game account, the amount of a stack and payouts is displayed at the top of the screen in the status bar.

Bonus Bet And Other Profitable Twists

Probably, roulette fans will be surprised knowing that presented game includes two bonus games: Banker’s Spin Bonus and Deal or No Deal Roulette bonus. Rare table games we used to play in casinos can boast such an interesting and lucrative gameplay feature. To get an access to these two interesting bonus rounds, bet a desired amount on the BONUS BET part of the table layout. This bet is handled separately and is associated with the outer circle of the wheel with only two spots – black and red phone signs. In case the ball lands in the pocket which is lined up with one of these two spots, this will activate one of the bonus features.

If the red phone spot is hit you will get to win more bonuses by playing the Deal or No Deal bonus game! Choose carefully between 22 boxes and get the reward - that is the easiest but the most useful Deal or No Deal Roulette tip you can get. Look out for the Banker’s offers when removing the rest of the boxes one by one. You can take the offer (Deal) or refuse (No Deal) and continue removing the boxes until you get your initially chosen bonus.

The black phone spot will trigger the Banker’s Spin Bonus. Here you get up to three spins to collect the best price by collecting the offer (Deal) or making next spin (No Deal).

Please, check the information section under the question mark button in the bottom left of the screen to see the information on how to play, the pay table and the great bonus games.