Mystery Roulette Rules & Demo

Curious example of roulette-riddle with built in extra rounds Mystery Roulette game was created by Novomatic Group. Developed on standard online casino Roulette basis with all its rules, this game can amaze you with high payouts and special sectors that can multiply initial bet for it up to 500 times.

Roulette Type From Gaming Genius

Mystery Roulette interface has few significant points that should be depicted in details:

  • Chips – pick any of presented at selector to place wagers staying in fixed limits Board – area for wagering
  • Wheel – pops out in new window for displaying wheel and ball together with outcome.
  • Buttons – special options for adjusting modes, wagers and so far.

Before starting spinning wheel complete few steps:

  • Take chip and set on the table. Decide whether to leave stake or remove it with activated buttons: Remove Chips / Remove All Chips.
  • After it, the second step in Mystery roulette tour is setting suitable mode – Spin or Quick Spin.

After each single round Last bet can be set again. It is convenient option, especially when player prefers stick to certain tactics and so on, or just doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on arranging chips in appropriate order.

Mystery Roulette Online - Extra Wagers And Other Pros

Nothing appears to be mysterious when you study the gaming board more precisely: traditional European Roulette marking is united with two special sectors for unusual bets colored in mysterious light blue and dark blue colors.

Thus, numerous wager areas are presented on the table with its special places for outside stakes like Evens together with Dozens (36 numbers in all are divided into 3 dozens) and Columns (again, 36 numbers are separated into three rows).

Even stakes are presented with such classical bets:

  • The easiest one and most evident – Black (covers all numbers marked with Black to wagering) and Red (dealing only with red numbers when it comes to staking)
  • Another Mystery Roulette wager divides numbers into two big groups High – numbers from 19 up to 36 and Low – numbers from 1 to 18
  • The last outside stake Even numbers and its opposite – Odd

As about those areas: light blue with one question mark and dark blue – with two question marks, they invoke two extra games with mysterious wheels. When light blue comes out, after feature game player may be awarded up to x100 of his wager for this area. And dark blue sector can credit to your account prizes multiplied by x500 times. And the most lucrative stakes, that can be achieved guessing right number or few numbers. The following range for inside wagers is included to the game:

  • Highest payout x38 – Single number
  • Payout x18 – Split: bet for two numbers
  • Payout x12 – Row: cover three numbers for staking
  • Payout x9 – Corner: involves four numbers for wagering
  • Payout x5 – Split Row: takes six numbers for betting