Multiball Roulette - Strategy Of Playing

Novomatic engineers surely have vivid imagination to turn classical Roulette real money game into Multiball Roulette - new version with some fresh features and handy interface. It is definitely what you have thought about – a lot of balls are running around the wheel now to create more than just boring one outcome! Higher wagers, up to 10 balls – what is next? Impressive payouts that are credited for each winning number! Try its demo and quickly switch to real-money mode, because we know – it works for you!

Magic Profit Making Balls

Thankfully all those innovations don’t effect on the gameplay and its buttons.

Thus, starting gaming Multiball Roulette by Novomatic you will feel familiar with the interface:

  • Standard table
  • Special track for call bets
  • Buttons
  • Chips
  • And sections for extra balls

Obviously, all manipulations with Multiball Roulette online start with setting wagers. Note one important idea about crediting wagers – it is related to balls amount, i.e. setting just one ball you trigger ordinary wagering, but with three balls 5 dollars wager is tripled, it means the general wager becomes 15 dollars, or with 10 balls it is multiplied by 10 – the general wager is 50 dollars. Pay attention on this key point picking up any chip from its special section.

As about balls section, it is placed separately and each ball has a small screen (a part of roulette wheel). The system is following:

  • For activating ball click on section to make it multicolored
  • For deactivating ball click one more time to turn it grey (inactive)
  • Or press on numbers from 1 (one ball) to 10 (ten balls) to activate necessary amount automatically

Table for wagers together with track are traditionally marked with special sections.

Multiball Roulette For Money - High Value Bets And Payouts

Thus, place appropriate amount of balls and make up your mind, which sections bring into play. Multiball Roulette acts due to its general wagering rules: inside wagers together with call bets (on special track) and outside stakes.

Outside wagers are known for its simplicity to gain it, because of its higher odds. For instance, there is just two variants and Zero itself for color wagers. Thus, the probability of appearing Black color is 18/37, whilst Zero – 1/37. Anyway, there is still higher possibility for colors (outside stakes) appear on the wheel than Zero (inside stake). Another outside wagers are for

  • Evens
  • Odds
  • As well as for dozens (on the field it is marked as 1st 12 and so on). In general, there is 3 dozens for wagering
  • Another variant for outside stakes – columns with 12 numbers in each column
  • And High in parallel with Low numbers

Regarding inside stakes we can set in Novomatic Multiball Roulette real money game it is necessary to say that they are placed for one number (like wager for Zero, or for 11 and so on) and for various groups involving diverse amount of numbers from 2 up to 6.

And extra track with wagers automatically set chips on the table if you select its certain sector like Serie 5/8 and so on.