Wizard Bingo Game By Novomatic

Hover over this game icon, click on it and find yourself at the Wizard Bingo game land – magically created combos side by side with potions awarding with bonuses and, only for the bravest and skillful players, - Jackpot! And just one thing that you need to make for achieving all those pleasant things – set wagers and begin adventurous gaming!

Bingo Benefits In New Interpretation

At Wizard Bingo online each player has its own advantages before triggering the gameplay.

The first one is wager and its amount. Novomatic Bingo games for real money usually involves four cards with numbers to the gaming process. Due to its amount the general bet is counted. Using Bet selector gambler may alter it in wide range from the minimal 0.06 credits for one card (general bet for 4 cards – 0.24 ) up to the highest limit – 25 credits per card (general bet for 4 cards – 100 credits).

It is not obligatory to set all 4 cards at once for round. Play with two or three or just with one card. Adjust its amounts using on (off) options or with special selector:

  • Card with numbers on it – card is activated
  • Card with Wizard Bingo games logo on it – card is deactivated

Pay attention, that all payouts are altered due to the placed stake. Schemes for attainable combos are placed above the gaming section and are animated, when player collects any of it.

Wizard Bingo Online - Novomatic Tutorial For Winners

Starting as magician apprentice with our demo game learn all tricks and you will be treated as real master soon. If you can`t wait playing for cash some of our trusted casinos suggest such an opportunity and among them Stargames money casino site.

The first trick is Bonus spell. Create its spell with maximum 40 balls and open new possibilities with diverse potions. Pick up any to add more payouts to your box with treasures.

The next trick that can be gained only with 30 balls – Bingo! This spell is surely worth to be put on the card, because Jackpot will be yours at once.

As an apprentice you can play Wizard Bingo in various modes starting from manual one and going up to Autoplay. Moreover, with setting Turbo mode, you speed up the magical ball and numbers in it will appear faster.

Autoplay mode is opened with Autoplay button, however, extra balls cannot be bought automatically, thus, after dealing 30 balls at the auto mode, buy, if necessary, additional balls manually. 10 extra balls can be bought in all.

Use special trick that changes numbers on the cards with Shuffle (two interknitting arrows) button.

And keep in mind that serious spells demands higher wagers – all those 12 attainable spells at the Paytable like One line or Pyramid have more lucrative payouts at higher wager point.