Vegas Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most frequently played games in Las Vegas and Vegas Blackjack online is its great alternative for players who don`t really want to leave their homes but is fond of gambling a lot.

Nevertheless, trying this game tradition-bound players can still enjoy a good old classic with fair odds and no innovative twists weighting down the gameplay, by playing this classic online game offered by NextGen Gaming. The specifics of this version are described in our review below.

Vegas Blackjack Game - Your Virtual Chance For Real Win

Although the rules of casino Blackjack are well known among players, but in case if you have never encountered this game before, we will briefly familiarize you with the gameplay.

Regarding the goal of the game, it lies in attempting to get a hand which will overplay the dealer’s one. A better hand has higher score. The highest score is 21 points. You are to get to this target figure as close as possible but avoid going over it.

To understand the scores you should know all card values. Vegas Blackjack strategy is simple and it is not a big deal to remember:

  • The value of all cards with printed numbers (Twos through Tens) is the same as those numbers
  • Each face card counts as 10
  • Aces can be scored both as 10 and as 1 (it is up to a player and depends on which variant is better for the corresponding hand)

With all the above read and remembered, you are equipped to give it a try.

Online Vegas On Your Screens

First of all place a bet on every hand position you are going to play. Select a chip and click the desired number of times to get the bet size you want. Press DEAL in order to be dealt your initial hands.

The best possible hand to start the game with is called by the game’s name – a “blackjack”. If you are so chancy to be dealt an Ace combined with a ten-points card at the very beginning of the game round, you should know that you have a “natural blackjack” which means that such hand wins immediately and your bet will pay out as indicated in a pay table. But in case if the dealer is as lucky as you are, and has also been dealt a “blackjack”, your bets will push. Otherwise, you’ll get a chance of improving your starting hand by choosing from the following options:

There is no need to use any Vegas Blackjack tips to know that you can select to DOUBLE your bet in case if you feel that odds of winning are pretty high for that hand. This option is presented in all games types including popular Blackjack Switch online game.

You can press HIT to receive one more card added to your hand; this can be done a few times before you choose to STAND on the existing hand. Or your hand may bust if its score goes over 21. In this case this bet loses and the hand is forfeited.

Another option is to SPLIT your hand if you start with two cards with identical rates. After all of your hands are played out, here comes the dealer’s turn. The dealer is obliged to hit on hands of 16 points or less, and has to stand on hands of 18 or more.

After the dealer is done playing out his hand, the winning hand will be announced and you will get your win or your bet (or bets) will lose.

To initiate the next hand you can place new bets or press one of the two buttons: REBET AND DEAL or REBET.

This is pretty all you should know to start playing free Vegas Blackjack online . You can look for the details in the info section of the game screen.