Oasis Poker Casino Game

The game presented on this page is a real rescue for those Stud Poker players who get a little bored of the straightforward and repetitive gameplay observed in a classic version of poker. Oasis poker online features a new option which adds complexity to the game and makes things more intriguing - features that always make such conservative table games like online Blackjack and online casino Poker more ingenious and entertaining.

From one hand, it is very similar with Caribbean Stud poker, but what makes it differ is the “Discard” feature which we are going to describe later. So we offer reading this review, getting acquainted with the rules, testing the demo version of the game right on this page, and finally, trying your luck in one of the listed casinos for real money.

We will not burden this article with an in-depth description of the basic poker rules, which are already well known to poker players; we’ll mention briefly the main stages of Oasis poker casino game you may find new and unusual. We will rather pay attention to that particular option, which makes this version of the game special and brings diversity to the process.

Caribbean Stud Standard Gameplay

The main thing you should understand here is that you are supposed to beat the card combination of the dealer by your own one. The falling gradation of poker combinations of cards is as follows: “Royal flush” is the strongest one, then comes “Straight flush” followed by “4 of a kind”, then “Full House”, “Flush”, after which comes “Straight”, then “3 of a kind”, “ 2 pairs” and the lowest one is 1 pair.

Your bet wins if you have a higher combination at the end of each hand than the dealer’s set of cards.

Keeping that in mind follow Oasis poker betting steps listed below:

  1. Ante bet – place a mandatory initial bet to start the game
  2. Press Deal and get your initial hand
  3. See the dealer’s open card and choose to continue playing by pressing Call and thus making a raise or give up this hand by pressing Fold
  4. After the hands are compared, you get paid out or lose your bet in accordance with the pay terms
  5. Place a new ante or click Rebet to repeat your previous ante wager
  6. Go through the same steps

Discard Feature Or The Whole Point Of Online Oasis Poker

After the hands are dealt you’ll get an opportunity to use the discard option. It gives the player the ability to give up one, several or all five cards from his hand and switch them for new ones from the deck. This option is not free, though. You have to place a separate bet for such replacement, depending on how many cards are to be changed. For instance, to exchange one card you need to pay an amount equal to your ante bet; replacing two cards worth twice as much, while you pay three times more for three cards. For cards will cost you the ante size and five cards exchange bet equals the ante. Simply click on the cards you wish to exchange and press Draw. If you choose to replace all 5 cards, your will be obliged to raise and continue playing without having an option to Fold.