Multi Wheel Roulette Strategy

On this page we review new modified version of roulette - Multi Wheel Roulette free game, the brainchild of Playtech gaming software company.

The classic casino roulette is in itself a very unique game with a special atmosphere and the excitement caused by the expectation of a big win. Those players who are happy with typical wheels will probably avoid the customized versions like the one we want to talk about on this page. But those who are looking for some fun rather than the best possible payout might be favorably impressed by a new feature that makes this game differ from a classic roulette.

New Feature Of Multi Wheel Roulette Game

So what this new game is about? Connoisseurs of classic roulette will definitely recognize their favorite and familiar game due to the same gameplay, betting options, payouts, the same table layout, the same chips, the same wheel ... BUT! Not just one wheel, but as many as six! This feature allows for a “multi-hand” action, that is spinning 6 wheels simultaneously. Every bet in Multi Wheel casino game works for all wheels which increases a winning chance, since if the chosen number is not hit on one wheel, other balls still can land on it on 5 other wheels. More than that, a player can win multiple times on each bet.

Betting & Gameplay Tips

Any classic roulette type like Globe or Vegas roulette casino game feature more or less identical gameplay: placing bets, spinning the wheel, finding out the winning number, getting paid out in case of a win… and back to the drawing board.

So the first thing you need to do is to place a bet using chips of the desired value. Choose the value from the collection at the bottom of the screen. Click on the desired area of the table for betting. Due to Multi Wheel roulette rules the wager can be increased by another amount by selecting another chip and clicking on the same betting area. Place as many bets on one spin as you wish.

All standard bets and corresponding payouts are described in the Help section under the Wrench icon. Also this section explains the game rules and all game features in every detail.

After you’re finished betting, press the Spin button in order to set the ball spinning. By the way, all six wheels are active by default. Though, you can click on the wheels one by one to deactivate as many of them as you wish (until you have only one left).

The lower left side of the screen will display your betting information - so the result of your Multi Wheel roulette strategy will be visible. The number of the active wheels, the amount of your bet per every active wheel, the total stack and the amount of your win on the current spin (if any).

After a spin, the winning numbers and the amount of your win will be displayed for each of the active wheels.

Thereafter, you have several options to choose from: you can clear your bets and place new ones, double your previous bets, place the same bet (rebet) and spin by clicking the corresponding buttons located at the bottom of the window. Keep right on enjoying sixfold excitement!