Money Wheel Roulette - Casino Game Strategy

On this page we offer you a short overview of Play`n Go Money Wheel game online which represents an interesting blend of Roulette, Wheel of Fortune and Blackjack betting elemets. Here you can play trial version or read review of casinos where this game is available for real money.

Joker, Stars And Wheel Properties

To clarify all details of Money Wheel casino game strategy, player should remember that the game comprises a vertical wheel with seven interleaved symbols and a peg at the top. It looks just like a wheel of fortune adjusted to the rules of this particular game. A felt table has 7 bet markers, 5 of which pay out odds that are similar to the numbers they represent (1, 3, 5, 10 and 20). The other two markers represent a Joker and a Star symbols. Both of them pay out 45 to 1. So, basically, a player only needs to remember the value of these two symbols. As simple as that!

Money Wheel Roulette Online - Rules & Limits

The rules of the game are real simple. A player should make a choice from a collection of chips with different values on the left-hand side of the screen (chips of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 credits are available). Place your bet or bets on any of the markers at your guess. The information on minimum and maximum bet limits can be found under a Table Limits sign. Normally, a minimum bet is 1 credit, and a maximum stake is no more than 100 credits.

After your choice is made, spin the wheel by clicking a corresponding button on the right. Now it is time to wait and see if that Money Wheel twist will be lucky for you! Your next bets may be completely different or you can use a REBET button to make the same bet/bets as in a previous round.

The game menu option provides a player with a possibility to change the game settings by customizing sound, voices, game speed, enabling a Left hand mode and some other game features. You can also get useful information about the rules of the game, as well as your game history, containing the information about all your bets and payouts.

To sum it up, Money Wheel table game is a good choice for casual player who are willing to try their luck without huge stacks and complex betting combination. Although its gameplay differs from roulette and other casino table games, nevertheless, the game still gives an opportunity to catch a good win due to pretty tempting payouts for the joker and the star symbols. Though, it might be not the best option for high rollers.