Casino Holdem Poker Online

Poker type we`d like to present on this page is one of the greatest variations of Texas Hold’em - let`s start with short overview of Casino Holdem strategy you have a chance to apply on online version developed by Playtech - software company specialized on free and real money multi-featured slots and all kinds of live and virtual casino games.

Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold`em differ by the fact that the last one is played not against other players but against the house in the person of the dealer, while in the classic variant a player is seated against other players. You can try to play up the dealer in one of the online casinos or try playing demo version which can also be found here.

Casino Holdem Rules & Basics

The main idea of the game is beating the house by a more valuable hand. Texas Hold’em cards combinations are ranked in the following raising order:

  • One pair – 2 of a kind (with identical rank)
  • Two pairs – 2 of a kind + 2 of a kind
  • 3 of a kind, meaning 3 cards having the same rank
  • Straight – is a 5-card combination coming in a straight sequence (rank-wise)
  • Flush – 5 cards with matching suits
  • Full House – 3 of a kind + 1 pair
  • 4 of a kind
  • Straight flush – Straight combination with the same suit
  • Royal flush – it is a Straight flush combination with the highest card being an Ace

Online Gameplay - Make It Easy And Exciting

The game will be initiated as soon as you put up an ante bet. Choose from the set of chips and place as many of them on the betting spot as you wish but make sure not to go over the stated maximum (see the plate in the upper part of the screen). You may also place the AA bonus jackpot bet (the terms of bonus payouts, as well as normal bets payouts, are explained in the info section under the “?” mark.

Once this is done, choose the Deal option presented in Casino Holdem online free demo game`s interface to be dealt your initial hand. You won’t be able to see the dealer’s hand as the cards will be dealt facing down. At this stage you’ll have 3 community cards face up. These community cards may be used to put together any possible combinations with the initial 2 cards.

As soon as you estimate your chance to win, you are to choose from the two options accepted on all Poker types featured in casinos:

  1. Press Call for raising your bet in order to continue playing your hand
  2. Press Fold to quit playing (in this case the hand is forfeited and the ante will be lost

Another hand will start following the same scheme.

If you press Call, 2 other (and the last) community cards will occur on the table giving more chances for winning combinations to appear.

The last stage of Casino Holdem poker online round is comparing your best cards combinations with those of the dealer. The better hand wins, while equal ones push. You will also win provided that the dealer hand does not qualify. This happens given that the dealer has no combinations that would be equal to or higher than a pair of 4s.

Start another hand by pressing the New Bet button or the Rebet button.