Atlantic City Blackjack Basic Strategy

When it comes to standard versions of online Blackjack with a classic gameplay, one of the best variants to choose from is Atlantic City Blackjack developed by Microgaming software.

The brief review given below will help those who are unfamiliar with classic Blackjack gameplay to get the idea about how to play. It can be also tested on practice using demo version presented on this page.

The Game`s Basic Idea & Hands

The game consists of separate rounds each of which brings a win or a loss at the bet that was made by a player before this particular hand. So the objective is to win by getting a better hand than the dealer’s one. That is getting the combination of playing cards giving a better score.

Each card corresponds to a definite number of points due to Atlantic City Blackjack rules:

  • All cards with numbers count in accordance with the printed value
  • Each face card is worth ten points
  • Aces may count either as one or as ten, depending on which value is beneficial for a particular hand

Now let's see how Blackjack hands are ranked:

  • The most highly-ranked combination is called blackjack - it is known to players from Pontoon, European and all standard kinds of real money Blackjack. The one who has it as an initial hand wins immediately. This hand is a combination of 2 cards amounting to 21 points, that is one ace and a card which is worth 10 points (face cards or a Ten)
  • All other types of hands rank depending on their totaled up value. The higher the better, as soon as the value doesn’t go over 21 points (does not bust)

Atlantic City Blackjack Online Gameplay

First of all you are to bet by grabbing one of the chips (with the desired value) and placing it on the betting spot of the table. Click on that spot as many times as you desire to add chips to your wager. The game has certain betting max and min limits displayed on the MIN/MAX plate on the left hand side of the virtual table.

That done, press DEAL to receive an initial two-card hand. Your cards are dealt face up. The dealer also gets his hand dealt with only one card face up.

In the situation when the dealer has high chances to get a blackjack (the open card is worth 10 or it is an ace), you will be offered to take insurance. To buy it, you have to pay half the initial bet amount. Should it so happen that another dealer’s card indeed will give a blackjack combination with the open one, you’ll get your insurance which pays out at 2-1odds.

In all other cases, to continue playing Atlantic City Blackjack casino game you can choose from the below list of actions by pressing the corresponding buttons:

  • HIT to get another card and add to your current hand value
  • STAND to lock your hand in case you are satisfied with an existing number of points
  • DOUBLE DOWN in order to double your current bet
  • SPLIT your hand if it comprises two cards of similar ranks
  • SURRENDER to give up in this round

If your hand hasn’t busted, it will be compared with the dealer’s one after you choose to stand with your hand. The winner has a hand which counts closer to 21 than the opponent’s hand. Even hands push.