3 Wheel Roulette Review

One may ask, what new features can be added to 3 Wheel Roulette game and what can differ it from a classic roulette to make it better as it is? What can be done to spice up the game which hasn’t gone through any noticeable changes for centuries? IGT company has produced several versions of altered roulette games that stand out of Novomatic European Roulette available in Quasar casino and its variations. On this page we are giving a short review of one of these amazing IGT roulette variations. This version is characterized by a unique and innovative approach of the manufacturer.

Three Circles Towards The Win

As it becomes clear from its name, the main peculiarity of 3 Wheel Roulette online is a special structure of its wheel. In fact, there is only one wheel, but it comprises three independent spinning circles inside of each other. They rotate independently at different speeds. Thus, the ball lands on one of the cells in the wheel close to the center, and determines the winning number in each of the three circles of the wheel.

That is, each bet that you make in this game, in fact, stands for three bets, since normally different numbers are hit on each of the three rotating circles.

3 Wheel Roulette Goal & Gameplay

Besides the unique structure of the wheel, all classic principles of online roulette are unchanged. The whole gameplay in this version is pretty clear to understand for any player (should it be a first-timer or a professional player).

Just as in any classic roulette, the goal is to guess what the winning numbers will be, to make the appropriate bets and beat the spread! To start playing you need to select a chip with the desired value (from 5, 10, 25 and 100 available), make a bet and press SPIN.

Once the wheel stops, the three winning numbers will be marked on the table layout. There comes the moment of truth every player waits so much starting 3 Wheel Roulette free play round!

All the information about the game process can be found on a payout table and a section with a history of spins. The game also has an automatic mode and some settings. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the info section with a detailed rules description and the varieties of bets, as there are quite a lot of them and they deserve a separate section.

Interface Instruments Description:

Bottom right:

  • Spin – makes a wheel spin
  • Clear All - removes all you bets from 3 Wheel Roulette table
  • Undo – used to undo your last accomplished action

Bottom left:

  • Options – calls out a settings window
  • Expert History – displays a gameplay history
  • Auto Spin – enables an automatic play mode
  • Balance – shows your account status
  • Win – is used to see your payouts
  • Bet – displays an amount of your last bet