Ultimate Texas Holdem Strategy

If you ask what the Ultimate Texas Hold’em online is, then perhaps it should be sound to say that this is an amazing mix of playing against the house and the possibility to apply some strategy.

And, indeed, in spite of the absence of other players, this game developed by NYX still allows (and even poses the need) to carefully think through each step. It will definitely be appreciated by great tacticians, who however feel somewhat out of place when playing against other players.

This short game review will cover some basics of Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker to help you get some confidence when trying either a demo version on this page or playing on casino real money sites.

Ulrimate Texas Holdem - The Goal`s Setting

As in any Hold’em versions the goal you are to follow in this game is to outplay the dealer, who is the sole player’s opponent. Beating the dealer means making a hand which ranks higher - the task that is quite known from other poker types like Oasis, Pai Gow, Red Dog and in-demand 3 Card version .

The hand ranking for Ultimate Texas Hold’em table game is just the same as for any other Poker game where 5-card combinations are made, with Royal Flush being the highest hand and High Card – the lowest one. These combinations are made of the initial 2-card hands and 5 community cards that will be placed on the table.

Types Of Wagers And Playing Options

Ultimate Texas Hold’em includes three types of wagers:

  1. Ante bet – it is a compulsory bet to be placed for the game to start. Make it by placing chips of the desired value on the spot marked respectively.
  2. Blind – it is another compulsory bet which is equal to the Ante and is made automatically once your Ante is placed.
  3. Trips – it is an optional side bet, which you can make at the outset of each hand. It will pay out in case if you make a strong enough hand, no matter whether you beat the dealer or not.
  4. Play bets - they can be 4 ˣ , 3 ˣ , 2 ˣ , 1 ˣ the size of your Ante. 4 ˣ and 3 ˣ are offered to you after your press Deal and your two-card hand will be revealed to you. Here is where all strategy starts. See if your cards are worth multiplying your wagers and make your choice whether to bet or to Check (pass on betting). If you Check, you will then have a chance to make a 2 ˣ bet. If you fail to bet this time too, you will be offered to make a final 1 ˣ bet before the dealer’s cards are reveled. If still your cards are to bad to risk, you may choose to Fold (give up playing this hand).

Payouts In Ultimate Texas Hold`em Casino Game

After the opponent’s cards are revealed to you, given that you haven’t folded, the hands are compared and the winner’s bets pay out according to the chart which can be found in the TABLE LIMITS & PAYOUTS section.

One of the game’s features is the idea of the dealer qualifying or not qualifying while playing his hand. For the dealer to qualify, his hand should contain at least one pair. Otherwise, he has no right to play his hand.

After the winner has been paid out, just click the left button to make the same bet, or the right button to make a new one. And start a new round.