Three Card Poker Online For Fun

Created in 1994, Three Card Poker game gained its popularity in America first and later it was introduced to European casinos. The game has become popular at casino tables around the world for being simple, quick and for paying fair odds. The trial version of this game can be tested without having to leave this page, where you can also check out the description of its gameplay and main features.

3 Card Poker Hands & Goal

As it becomes clear from the name, Three Card Poker online is a variation of poker which is played with a hand consisting of three cards instead of a traditional five-card hand poker types. This fact introduces certain changes to poker card combinations ranking, as some standard poker hands become impossible having only three cards.

Here is the ranking list from the highest combination to the lowest one:

  • When three cards with identical suit come in a direct sequence, this combination is called Straight Flush
  • Next comes a hand of three cards having the same rank. It is called Three of a Kind
  • Three cards with different suits coming in sequence form Straight
  • Flush is the hand where all three cards have identical suit
  • Two cards of identical rank are called Pair
  • A card which is of the highest rank in your hand is referred to as High Card

The aim of Three Card Poker casino game is just the same as that of a classic poker – to beat the opponent’s hand by a higher card combination. In this version a player’s opponent is the dealer.

Betting Features

Unlike standard poker betting rules, this game features an optional side bet called Pair+, meaning a bet on having a pair or better in your hand. This gives an opportunity to get additional winnings regardless of whose hand will be higher at the end. That is, if you get a pair in your hand or some other combination which is even higher, you’ll get paid on this bet.

Gameplay Order From Start To An End

Things will start as soon as you pick up one of the chips and make your ante bet on a relevant circle. Then you may choose to place a Pair+ bet, or not to. When all bets are placed, tap the Deal button to be dealt your three-card hand out of the deck - now you can start to play 3 card poker online for real money on proven gambling sites

Now you have two options to choose from: continue playing or fold your cards at once. The thing is that in order to continue playing, you are to raise your ante bet (twofold). So if you think you have a good combination, press Raise and after your bet is doubled the dealer will reveal his hand. Your hands are now compared and the winner gets paid out according to the pay table. Otherwise press Fold and your hand will be forfeited along with your bets.

According to the rules of this version, the dealer will qualify (will be allowed to play his hand against your hand) only if his hand contains a Queen or better. Otherwise the dealer does not qualify and you get your wager back.