Super Lucky Frog slot review

This time NetEnt delivers its users to swampy dreamlike forest with magic inhabitants. Elfs, fairies, unicorns and other creatures are ready to show you the way of getting their the most priceless treasures! Super Lucky Frog slot grants lots of gifts for those who has chosen it and it's easy for playing.

Features of Super Lucky Frog slot

To start the game you should appeal to Bet Lines, Bet Level and Coin value buttons and set the figures needed. They are placed in one row at the bottom of the main screen and easily regulated. Maximum bet is put by one click - just press Max bet, as in other free slots. Then click green round button to start.

Symbols and bonuses of Super Lucky Frog slot machine

Super Lucky Frog slot uses its twenty five lines and five reels as an instrument to provide desirable Free spins and Jackpot. In spite of the accurate description of Jackpot game and rules given by the developers in Information section, there is a note about this bound that Jackpot rules can be changed in any moment by Software Supplier or Casino Operator while all the Jackpot payout questions are referred to the gaming site. Netent also places a thorough description of all special symbols and Free games conditionals as well as much more details about the game. Generally speaking, Netent accuracy and attention to details in their support are known among gamers and marked in lots of reviews.