Roulette Pro Free Game & Review

There are plenty of types of online roulettes. And all of them demonstrate pretty much the same features. But some varieties can boast some beneficial distinctive characteristics in comparison with other ones. A striking example is Roulette Pro online from Net Entertainment gaming software.

This web page provides the review of this roulette version as well as its free trial version. Here you can play for free and find a list of gaming clubs providing an opportunity to play this roulette version of a for money.

So what makes Roulette Pro Netent game different from other roulettes? Speaking in a nutshell, a characteristic feature of this version is that it is optimized for a comfortable professional game. It has all necessary operating buttons and nothing more, i. e. no excessive and distractive elements. The roulette’s graphic design and simplicity of its interface has been specially thought out to be most practical to be used by any player.

Play Like Professional With NetEnt

Despite its name, the game is as easy to play as it can be. However, it allows a player to experience the incredible excitement of the game.

Before spinning the wheel a player needs to choose a chip value. It can be done by clicking a chip at the bottom of the game panel and place a bet or several bets. A player can bet either by placing chips on the table or by means of using betting patterns. The number of bets is practically unlimited.

The minimum betting value allowing you to start the game is equal to €1. Playing for real money, maximum value of chip featured in Roulette Pro in Titan casino and other gambling sites is €100. Given that they can cover the whole field, the overall bet can reach an impressive amount, though one cannot place a straight bet exceeding €10 in one sector.

Once betting is done, spin the wheel by clicking the SPIN button, and wait for the ball to land on the winning number! The number will be displayed in a special game panel.

This, perhaps, are all the basic rules of how to play. The info section will provide you with more details about how to bet and what are the types of bets, their description and payouts, as well as the information on the game settings.

Roulette Pro tips and rules will appear quite simple to understand, even for the beginners, and quite convenient and comfortable for the professional players. We will not be verbose and will give a short and clear conclusion: Roulette Pro is simple yet exciting and professional!