Pai Gow Poker Free Demo & Review

It is interesting to know, that Pai Gow Poker online is a mix of Pai Gow, a popular domino game that comes from China, and American poker. The online trial version of this game is presented here along with its overview. You can play the demo version or choose a casino from the list given here to tempt your fortune for real money.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy From A To Z

Although in its homeland this game is played with tiles, the American version adopted a standard cards deck, which is more familiar to the Western world. Besides a 52-card deck there is a Joker that can be counted as an Ace or a card of any value (a wild card) necessary to complete poker hand combinations like Straight Flush, Straight or Flush.

To start playing you have to put up a stake first by selecting a chip (or chips) on the betting spot. After that press Deal and you will receive a 7-card hand. But according to Pai Gow Poker rules you are to split your cards to have two hands. The big (bottom, behind or high) hand consists of 5 cards, while the minor hand consists of 2 cards. These two hands will play independently against the dealer’s relative hands. Make sure to split your cards in such a way so that ultimately you get the most advantageous combinations in both hands. This game uses poker hand standard combinations in order to determine the winning 5-card hand. As for the minor 2-card hand, no combinations are possible except a Pair. A higher pair is stronger than a smaller one, or two unmatched cards. In general, this game doesn`t have any peculiar features that make it different from other real money poker types presented on our site, but the outcome will show some surprises you will definetely like.

Favourite Game With New Opportunities

Select 2 cards to form the minor hand and press Split to separate them from the rest of your cards. In Pai Gow online remaining cards will form the high hand. But make sure not to have the higher combination in your minor 2-card hand. The hand of 5 cards should always be higher. Otherwise you will lose immediately.

After your have pressed Split, your hands are compared with dealer’s hands and better combinations win. If your two hands are stronger than those of the dealer’s, you win and will be paid out. If the dealer’s both hand are better, you lose your bet. Should one of your hands win and another one lose, your bets push.

To get a new hand you can choose one of two options: place a new bet or click the Rebet button to make the same bet as on the previous hand. This version provides the minimum stack requirement amounting to $1 and the maximum one is $500.

The upper left corner of the window contains the Current Game information table showing the current stake and the result of each hand. Now, you have an idea about how to win at Pai Gow poker, so don`t hesitate to test our demo right now.