Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties Online

A method of hybridization has become a trend in development of tabletop games and Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is another representative of this class. Among other table games, this applies also to different variations of roulette, despite the fact that this world classic is a self-contained game which needs no twists to maintain its popularity and worldwide acceptance. But still, twisted versions find their acceptance among those who like to experience some novelty and additional spice.

Monopoly Roulette Online Game In 5 Steps

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is not much different from classic European or American double-zero roulette games: single wheel, two Zeros, standard betting layout and a typical set of bet variations with standard payouts for each bet type.

With a multitude of betting variants and payouts that can seem quite challenging for novice-palyers, in actual practice the gameplay couldn’t be any easier.

Basically, to play the game you should do the following 5 steps:

  1. Choose a note you want to use for placing a bet from the given selection on the screen (you can make one or several different bets using notes of one value or mixing them on the same bet).
  2. Place your bet (a combination of bets) by clicking on the corresponding areas of the table layout.
  3. Press Spin to get a wheel spinning.
  4. Wait for a wheel to stop and see if the ball lands on one of the numbers you have chosen.
  5. Get your win if the spin was lucky for you!

You can enter an Information section to find all necessary information about all bet variations and a payouts table of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, as well as a number of tips on how to play and win.

Hot Properties And Bonus Feature

While all of the aforesaid applies to typical roulette gameplay, now it is time to get to a special feature of the game, borrowed from Monopoly, the legendary player-favorite table game that has been played by millions for about a century. Hot Properties Bonus game is a separate round which shakes things up a bit. It is triggered once the ball lands on a special bonus sector of the wheel, provided that a corresponding bet was places on the table layout.

Basically, the bonus game of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is adapted from Deal or No Deal and offers a choice of prices attached to 18 cards, featuring different Monopoly properties. The cards are turned face down. Your task will be to choose your price by revealing and removing the groups of cards you want to dismiss. In the process of removing the cards you’ll get offers with some particular prizes that you can either collect immediately or take the chance and go on revealing other cards on your way to the card of your choice.