Resident 2 slot online

Resident 2 by Igrosoft extends the story of Security Services Resident conducting secret operations to neutralize the enemy. Resident 2 slot machine features 9 lines to be bet by 1 - 25 credits per line and 225 credits all in all.

Features of Resident 2 slot

It features maximum 5000 rate, double risk game and two bonus rounds. Slot's symbols complete true spy set consisting of gas mask, medal, pistol, book and others. Total bet is portioned between bet lines, whole game's wins are summarized and show in credits, as in many other free slots games. To start the game select bet lines with Lines buttons and regulate the bet by pressing Bet button several times until necessary bet is set. Help section provides information about bet lines, payline chart, symbols` value, rules of risk, bonus and super bonus games. Double button allows to double any win by playing Risk game. Risk game conditions are typical as the player encloses one card and compare it with Dealer's. The win is multiplied ×2 if your card has bigger equivalent, if it doesn't you lose and return to the main game. All data set by the player such as bet per line, total bet, lines, credits is displayed at top windows.

Winning symbols of Resident 2 slot machine

Although fire distinguisher contributes to win by its substitutive function three and more safe images appeared haphazardly starts Bonus course. Its task is to open all safes and stay alive. If this goal is completed you get into Super Bonus game where Radio-Cathie is hidden behind two doors. If you guessed what door to open you release the girl and get super prize.