Mini Roulette Online Game By NetEnt

To make the beginners not to be confused with roulette bets and rules, NetEnt has developed a simplified version of a classic roulette – Mini Roulette online. The rules are as easy as ABC. The gameplay does not cause any hardships and a big scary table with its complex layout won`t puzzle the gamer this time.

In fact, the basic rules remain unchanged. What simplifies the game is the reduction of the number of wheel pockets, and consequently, the number of bet spots on the table. That is, unlike 37 or 38 pockets of a respectable big brother, Mini Roulette games wheel has only 13 pockets, numbered 1-12 plus one Zero.

Betting Options Or Mini Roulette Layout

Every player fond of table games knows that knowledge of betting rules and hands is critical no matter if it comes about real money poker, roulette or craps :

Inside bets

  • Straight – one bet on one individual number
  • Split - one bet placed between two adjacent numbers
  • Street – one bet covers three numbers located in a row (1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 12)
  • Square bet is a part of Mini Roulette strategy that implies one bet which covers four adjacent numbers arranged in the form of a square (eg. 1-2-4-5)

Outside bets

  • Red or black – this bet covers all black numbers or all red numbers
  • Odd or even – covers all odd or all even numbers
  • Column – one bet on all number on one of the columns (eg. 1-4-7-10)
  • Half dozen – one bet covers six numbers in one of the three groups (eg. 4-5-6-7-8-9)

Convenient Interface For Easy Gameplay

To start playing Mini Roulette free online version, select a chip with a desired value and click on the corresponding bet spots of the table to place the desired bets. Please mind the information on minimum and maximum bets, provided by a MIN/MAX box in the upper right of the screen.

As soon as you are finished betting, click SPIN to make the wheel start spinning. The only thing which the game requires from you now is waiting for the outcome of the spin. After the wheel stops and the ball lands on one of the pockets, you will find out the winning number and, in case of a win – your payout!

Playing Mini Roulette in online casino you can use the same bet for the next spin by clicking REBET, or make a different bet or bet combination. To remove your bets from the field – press CLEAR. The same options are usually available in European, American and French Roulette gameplay too.

A pleasant surprise in this game is the fact that if the ball lands on a “Zero” pocket, you’ll get a refund amounting to 50% of your bets (other than bets placed on Zero, which will be paid out normally).

The info section of NetEnt Mini Roulette provides the information on payouts for each bet, the game rules, game settings and some game features. This miniature game can bring quite a big win!