Play Mega Bingo Keno For Fun

Mega deal awaits for all Bingo and Keno fans! Get ready – Mega Bingo Keno is posted here below. When it comes to uniting gameplay rules, only best and simplest things are taken: Bingo cards and amount of numbers with Keno lucrative payouts! No more lines creating combos – just numbers and more is surely better in this game.

Mega Bingo Keno Online - Take Best From Classics

The game involves cards from Bingo and Keno rules. Thus to gamble this masterpiece, set appropriate card and wager value with the following buttons:

  • New card – operate with this button to change card (the next card is opened with new numbers on it). You can alter cards until you will be satisfied with numbers on it.
  • Stake – it is special selector with +/- buttons for altering wager in range 0.20 up to the highest variant 20
  • Turbo bet – just speeds up the balls falling into special sector, the excessive animation will be turned off and numbers on the card will be marked automatically. Autobet – autoplay mode for Mega Bingo Keno. Set amount of rounds that are triggered automatically like two, five or ten rounds
  • Repeat Bet – the previous stake will be placed one more time
  • Bet – launches the gameplay

The table with payouts is shown at the right corner. More balls you collect – the higher payouts will be credited to you. The ultimate amount of balls that can be collected is 15.

Main menu shows another menu with options, settings and rules. Operate with appropriate buttons to fit game to screen, alter sounds, or simply discover rules data.

Mark All 15 Numbers On The Card!

The primary mission in Mega Bingo Keno as well as other Bingo types played for money is to collect as much as possible matching numbers (in general – 15). The system randomly selects 20 numbers from 90 balls rotating in the wheel and shows them to the player.

After it numbers are automatically marked with red circles on the card with special funny marker at the ordinary mode. If turbo mode is turned on, numbers are just marked without any excessive animations.

Note important thing – if you collect just one number, two or three, it will not create any winning combinations at all. All payouts start from four marked numbers and higher.

Payouts are increased due to the set wager point. In order to get higher awards, increase wager, of course correlating it with the balance.

Actually, Mega Bingo Keno doesn’t involve any peculiar rules – just trigger it and numbers will be falling on the cards automatically. So, what can be easier than this way to make money?